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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 10 February 2017

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

A credit to the Force

pcso talking to adult white

I would like to pay compliments to PCSO Annette Powell who is also part of the PLOD (Police Link Officer for the Deaf) Scheme within Staffordshire Police.
Annette has been involved in many events locally with the deaf community and is also learning British Sign Language Level Three. At a recent event, Annette was able to engage with a deaf couple in sign language to bring them reassurance which previously they had not been able to access when reporting ongoing ASB. This brought them immense relief and even now people, both professionals and friends of the couple, comment on how well Annette could engage with them.
Annette has also been involved in fundraising for Deafvibe and Deaflinks in her own time through rehearsing Christmas songs in sign language and performing with the groups at local supermarkets.
Annette is a credit to the force and to the PLOD Scheme in breaking down communication barriers between the police at the deaf community.
I hope that Annette and other dedicated PLOD officers are encouraged to develop the PLOD scheme across Staffordshire so that more deaf people feel confident in reporting crime knowing there are officers who can
communicate with them.

Preventing harm

Whilst on mobile patrol in the Stoke North LPT, PCSO Kirsty Lovatt spotted an elderly male walking along the slip road heading onto the Northbound carriageway of the A500.
Realising something was wrong, PCSO Lovatt drove to the slip road and stopped the male before he made it to the live carriageway. Having obtained the details of the male and passed them to the control room, it was established that this male suffered with Alzheimer's disease and Dementia and had previous missing episodes. 
The male was confused and stated he was trying to make his way to Manchester to get his lorry, as he used to be a lorry driver and his dementia meant he still believed he was employed as a lorry driver. 
PCSO Lovatt reassured the male, managed to contact family with the help of the control room and returned the male to his home address, which was in fact on Stoke South LPT, some distance from where the male was found. 
The male had not been reported missing yet, however he was clearly very vulnerable and had it not been for PCSO Lovatt's vigilance, the male could have come to considerable harm. 
Thankfully due to the vigilance and fast thinking of PCSO Lovatt, this incident passed without any significant disruption to the LPT or the force, when it could of, in fact, triggered a much larger scale response, had the male been reported missing or found himself wandering down the A500.
I believe that PCSO Lovatt deserves recognition for her actions, sensitive dealing with this situation and averting a potentially much more serious incident.


Kind, comforting words and actions

I had just been involved in an accident whereby the side of my vehicle had been clipped by a HGV and spun in front of it. Fortunately no-one was injured. Having never been involved in an incident previously and feeling very shaken up, I had no idea what to do or how this situation should be dealt with.
By the time PC Bryn Jeavons arrived we had managed to move the vehicles to the side of the roundabout. He approached all the people involved with a smile and calmly asked if everyone was OK. I was in a state of panic on the phone to the AA as I believed my car to be un-drivable. I was unable to describe where I was and so he kindly did this for me. When looking at the car he felt it would be drivable and so checked the pressure of the tyres, which was OK, so I cancelled AA recovery.
He then acknowledged that where we were was not a safe place and suggested driving down the road to the next safe lay-by to exchange details. I must have asked several times for instructions on how to get to this lay-by due to difficulty processing all of the information. PC Jeavons continued to very calmly repeat them as many times as I needed to hear them, without at any point making me feel silly for this. He then kindly drove behind me in case of any problems with the functioning of my car.
At the lay-by he helped with the details I needed to give the lorry driver and also made sure I got all of the correct details in return. At this point my husband arrived and PC Jeavons explained the situation to him. We then safely continued on our journey home.
Throughout the whole of this incident PC Jeavons was calm and incredibly kind. I'm sure that this incident was a very minor one compared to some of the tragic accidents he must attend and perhaps he will feel that he only did his job. However in my opinion he went far beyond what he had to both in terms of his kind, comforting words and actions in order to turn a very scared and distressed person back into
someone who could rationalise the situation and continue on their journey safely. He reassured me that my car was safe to drive, potentially avoiding a further accident or waiting in the cold and dark for a recovery van to arrive. He also took me through the whole process and at no point assigned any blame to either drivers.
I feel I cannot express how grateful I am for his assistance and hope that this will go some way to acknowledging that. Thank you so very much.
In terms of the 'proud of our people' award, I absolutely believe that PC Jeavons should be considered for this. Perhaps to the outside world his actions that night did not seem heroic, for example what you see on the Pride of Britain Awards, but for that moment in my life he made a huge difference and certainly was a hero to me. One I will never forget. To think that this was just one of the many incidents he will have attended that night, this week and over his career, imagine the positive impact he will have on so many lives. Sometimes it is the many little acts that deserve recognition and for this reason I kindly request that PC Bryn Jeavons is considered for this award. 

Call taker blue Helpful, sympathetic and reassuring service


I cannot thank the staff who have helped me with my recent incident enough, from the 101 call handler, Miss Joanne Wilson, who took my original call to the helpful Police Station reception staff, Mrs Victoria Gledhill and Mrs Julie Helks, and PC 5287 Paul Smith who was beyond helpful, sympathetic and reassuring when taking my statement today. PC Smith really made me feel at ease and gave me confidence in involving the police in this matter and that it had been the right thing to do.