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Overview of Injury Benefits Reassessments

meeting around table blueThe purpose of the reassessment of Injury Benefit (otherwise known as an Injury Pension or Injury Award) is to ensure that the recipient (the Injury Pensioner) receives the correct level of Injury Benefit. 

The reassessment of the degree of Injury Pensioners' disablement has been decided by Chief Constable for Staffordshire Police. This is so as to ensure as far as possible that an injury pensioner does not continue to be overpaid or underpaid where there has been a substantial alteration in the degree of their disablement.

Injury Benefit is only payable after the individual has ceased to be a police officer.  Assessment by the Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP) is a separate process to the SMP's assessment for ill health retirement. 

Injury Benefit is not payable for injuries or medical conditions which are not the result of injuries sustained in the execution of duty.

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