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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 20 January 2017

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Early identification and support regarding mental ill health
I work within Staffordshire Police and during early 2014, I suffered a major lapse with my mental health which resulted in an admission to a psychiatric hospital.  Following this, I had another two separate admissions later that year and one in 2015.
The admissions to hospital were a real life saver for me as I was extremely unwell and unsafe to be alone.
I can't praise enough the colleagues and supervision that played a key part in helping me receive the support I needed.
The early identification made by Jean Coley was critical.  She was extremely quick thinking and could see that I was in distress.  She took control of the situation and insisted that I remain with her until she sought further assistance from the late Sgt Karen Abbott and Chief Insp Donna Harvey.
The support I received from all three was above and beyond what I could ever have expected and I really can't thank them enough. 
Following on from this, I found it difficult to function at work due to changes in medication.  At no point did I feel unsupported or not a part of the team.
I had the daily support of PC Ellie Sewell and the team but in particular, Mrs Sarah Hutchinson who was professional and had to manage the fine line of friendship confidentiality and reporting concerns - I know this must have been difficult.
During my time in hospital, I had an outstanding level of support from Chief Insp Jason Nadin and Mrs Michelle Moores in Welfare.  Both went out of their way to help me - this assisted with my recovery in such an impactive way.
My biggest compliment is for Det Insp Kerry Skingle - she was my supervisor at the time.  No matter what time of day or night, she was there for me 100%.  She responded to crisis level text messages very late at night, taking the time to reduce the level of risk and then accessing the relevant help.  This was regardless of whether she was on duty or not. 
Kerry Skingle really made a difference.  She showed real empathy and professionalism.  She took the time to form a connection with my partner, ensuring that she had an overview and continuity of the circumstances, from home and work. The manner in which she dealt with the whole situation was commendable and greatly appreciated.
I don't live within Staffordshire so the contact I had with the various professionals and services were from my local area; all of which were genuinely surprised with the level of support I received from work - on numerous occasions, this portrayed Staffordshire Police in a really positive way.

Although this compliment is a little dated, I have finally reached a point in my recovery that I can highlight this example of great work.

Helping Hand

Helping a member of the public in a difficult situation
I would just like to say how lovely PC Anneka Haynes was to me and my dad on the 21/1/17 around 6:30pm. She was from Kidsgrove police, and had been policing the football that day. I had broken down in my Fiat Panda on the A500 slip road, near Asda in Wolstanton. Her mannerism and friendliness was absolutely superb and I felt she went out of her way for our convenience and ensured we kept safe. She even gave my Dad a lift back to his car. The police have a difficult job and are not always appreciated but actions like this need to be highlighted and rewarded. I think she deserves a little message to make her smile. Many thanks, keep up the good work!

Professionalism and empathy
I arrested a young female and it became apparent she required an appropriate adult. We called a Police volunteer-Appropriate adult and briefed him of the circumstances.
He appeared to have plans in the evening but he was assured it would not take long (as initially it was fairly straight forward) and he met me at custody within 20 minutes.
However, things changed and because of some comments she made in custody it was deemed that she would need a mental health assessment, but the doctor was delayed by hours. The volunteer sat with her for these many hours of waiting and did this without question or protest. He kept the female company and as such kept her incredibly calm for the long time she was there - as such it made my job much easier when it came to interviewing her.

I was very impressed at his attitude and willingness to assist us. He could have gone home at any time considering how long it dragged on but he thought nothing of it and saw it through to the end without losing an ounce of enthusiasm.