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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 09 December 2019

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

For their calmness and professionalism

PC Danielle Boothby and PC Alan Wooldridge attended our sheltered housing scheme where a visitor was having a severe psychotic episode. After assaulting a member of staff the man and his dog made his way to the Grosvenor Street entrance. He was met by the two officers who had to deal with him and his dog which became distressed and bit both of them. They arrested the man, who was later committed under the Mental Health Act. This incident was witnessed by several members of Stoke-on-Trent City Council who could not praise the officers concerned highly enough for their calmness and professionalism.

 Nice, polite, funny and as reasonable

group of people with officer blue I travelled from Burnley for the football game at Stoke on Saturday 3 December and was hugely impressed with the modern police tactics deployed by the officers on the day. I have been all over the country watching football and was left wondering why other forces aren't as nice, polite, funny and as reasonable as yours. Thanks to all officers and staff working the football game.

Outstanding professional and caring attitude

I reported the theft of my motor vehicle from Branston Golf & Country Club. PC Steven Thornhill was the officer dealing with the theft. His outstanding professional and caring attitude represented the proud traditions of the police service. My vehicle was found abandoned a short distance away and recovered for a forensic examination.

 An excellent example of positive action... and ensured the safety of the children

Information was received regarding a registered sex offender who was convicted of rape of a female child and who poses a risk to children, was in a relationship with a woman who had two children and was living with them. He was subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) which placed a number of prohibitions on him regarding contact and residence with children. Checks and research resulted in the woman being located. She was not aware of his history or the restrictions he is subject to. Statements were obtained as he had breached his SHPO by residing with children and breached the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 by failing to notify the police.

Extensive enquiries were made to locate him. Simultaneously, concerns were raised over the welfare of his partner and her children as they could not be contacted. Their safeguarding was paramount and locating them became a priority. They were all eventually located at a caravan park in Wales and the man was arrested. He was charged with breach of SHPO and failing to comply with the notification requirements.

This was an excellent example of positive action being taken against an extremely manipulative and deceitful individual and ensured the safety of the children.

She had saved his life

On 5 December a man made a 999 call to the ambulance service, which was transferred to the police as he was unable to speak. Fiona Blades took the call. She reassured the man that an ambulance was being arranged as he managed to tell Fiona during the call that he was having a mini stroke.

Fiona stayed on the phone with him until the ambulance arrived and continued to reassure him. She asked if the front door was open so the paramedics could gain entry.

A few days later, the man called to personally thank Fiona for arranging help. He said that he felt she had saved his life. 

For their professionalism and compassion

Sgt Flavell received a phone call from a victim of a house burglary that occurred on 6 December.

The woman wanted to express her sincerest thanks to PC Stephen Smith, SC Alex Chatfield and SOCO Richard Graham, for their professionalism and compassion. The burglary occurred on the anniversary of her brother's death and she had been taking flowers to the cemetery at the time.

She wanted to thank PC Smith for his compassion and understanding. He deferred taking a statement to allow her to focus on tidying up the house so that her 6-year-old daughter would not see what had happened and be distressed.  He returned at an arranged time the following day when her daughter had gone to bed.

She also wished to specifically thank SOCO Richard Graham for the time he spent around the house with her identifying forensic opportunities and for showing understanding and compassion in that he tidied her daughter's bedroom to its usual state after taking the required samples so that she would not have been aware of the untidy search made by the thieves.

Fiona stated that the officers "were not just going through the motions, they took time to reassure her and offer security advice".  She was very grateful for everything that they did and the way in which all the officers conducted themselves.

I just wanted to say thanks

Officer with radio blue I called 999 due to a disturbance at the house opposite. Within minutes PC Lee Neal, PC Gemma Collis, PC Craig Dutton arrived and entered the property.

They were quick to deal with situation and kept us informed of what had happened in a very courteous and calm manner as we were extremely concerned for the girl's welfare. She had been bitten by a dog at the property. 

The girl was attended to by ambulance staff. The officers stayed until the dog was removed to kennels. I just wanted to say thanks to the officers for their quick response and help.


 I am so grateful. Thank you very much

On 2 December I was due to take a music exam but my accompanist was stuck in a traffic queue on the A50 because there had been an accident. She got out of her car and told the officers she was needed for my exam. PCs Stephen Steele and Mark Poultney allowed her through. I am so grateful. Thank you very much.