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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101
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After Reporting a Crime

Once you have reported a crime the police will ask you questions about what has happened and will record the details you provide. You can have someone with you for support during this time, such as a family friend or relative as long as they are over 18 and not connected with the offence.

You may also be asked to make a witness statement which will include information such as when the crime took place, where it occurred and what you saw and heard.

You must tell the police if:

  • You later remember something you have not included in your witness statement
  • You need support to help you deal with the effect of the crime or if your needs change
  • You have specific needs such as mobility, communication or religious requirements which have not already been recorded
  • If the crime involved any type of hostility, for example if you were targeted because of your race, sexuality, religion, disability or gender identity
  • Your contact details change