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Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice (RJ) can involve face to face meetings between the victim and offender or contact between victim and offender through a third party.

The process allows you, the victim, to ask questions about why the offender committed the crime and has been shown to help victims to address any ongoing fears they may have. The process allows you to tell the offender directly how the crime has impacted on you and to identify ways to prevent the crime from happening again.

For offenders, RJ processes offer a unique opportunity to face up to what they have done, take responsibility and make up for the harm their offending has caused.

You can request to take part in RJ at any point through the criminal justice process. Your police officer will discuss this with you or refer you to the Staffordshire Restorative Justice Hub.

The Staffordshire Restorative Justice Hub can be contacted on 0330 0881 339 or via email at admin@rjhub.org.uk

To find out more, visit Restorative Justice.