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Your Rights

The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime entitles all victims, both individuals and businesses, to support from the police and other criminal justice agencies.

As a victim you can expect:

  • Information about the criminal justice process
  • An assessment to see if you need support to cope with and recover from the impact of the crime
  • To be referred to an organisation that supports victims of crime
  • To be informed if an investigation is not going to take place and the reasons why
  • To be updated on the progress of your case and to be told about any developments such as if the suspect is arrested, charged and has any bail conditions
  • To be informed if the suspect is to be prosecuted or not, or given an out of court disposal
  • To be given the opportunity to make a Victim Personal Statement
  • To be kept up to date if a charge is withdrawn or there is a major change to the charge
  • To be informed of the time, date, location and outcome of any court hearing(s)
  • To be told if you need to give evidence in court, what to expect and discuss what help and support you may need
  • Information on Restorative Justice and how you can take part.

Some victims of crime (e.g. children, victims of the most serious crimes or close relatives of someone who has died as a result of crime) are entitled to extra support. For more information please visit The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime.