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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 02 December 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

You ensured our family's welfare needs were catered for

Whilst conducting an investigation into suspected arson at a family home, DC Ian Emmens and IO Eugene Fadiora unravelled a series of events which led to a custodial sentence.

The victim had suffered domestic abuse and needed constant assurance. Despite self-harm, threats from the community and her eventual relocation, she was disowned by members of her family and was reluctant to cooperate. The officers ensured all the evidence was captured and the family's welfare needs were catered for.

On 22 November 2016, the offender was sentenced to 4 years 2 months imprisonment following the on-going systematic abuse of his wife. He was charged with 13 counts of rape against his wife who was undoubtedly very vulnerable. To prevent her young family having to give evidence the victim agreed charges of sexual assault and the offender pleaded guilty.

An asset to Staffordshire Police, thank you

PC Nathan Ames came to see me at home in response to a call I'd made following a domestic abuse incident. He listened to me and was genuinely concerned. He helped me through the most difficult and scary time of my life and explained that he would need to do a risk assessment. This was the first time I felt a sense of hope. I'd taken the first step to making my daughter and myself safe.

Helping HandThe following months were tough, going through the incidents was like reliving the abuse, but helped me acknowledge the severity of the situation.

PC Ames met with neighbours and friends and understood that they were anxious and emotive due to what I had been through. He shared information with organisations that provided support through ARCH and Woman's Aid, which was invaluable.

Throughout the investigation, there were times when I wanted to back out. PC Ames explained the concept of control and coercive behaviour and reassured me that it had to stop. At times in need he had the ability, even with a telephone conversation, to make me feel safe and protected.

He attended court on the day of the trial, explained what to expect and supported me.

From day one he has been professional, efficient, fearless of perpetrators, knowledgeable and caring. He is an asset to your workforce and I wish to thank him for all he has done for me.

My partner was charged with assault by beating, harassment and criminal damage. He pleaded guilty and received a 12 month community order, rehabilitation order and unpaid work.

Taking control

PC Simon Millard responded to a report of a 65-year-old woman who had collapsed in her front garden.

A neighbour, who is a nurse, had started CPR. On arrival PC Millard took over until the paramedics arrived. Tragically, despite their best efforts the woman died.

Thank you for your commitment

PC Tony Sheehan runs a tuck shop in his own time on an honesty basis.

Over the course of the past months this shop has generated a profit in excess of £200. He has used the proceeds to purchase Christmas gifts for disadvantaged children from the local area. There is currently a large pile of toys in the rest room waiting to be delivered.

He has clearly spent a significant amount of time throughout the year stocking the shop and subsequently purchasing/transporting the toys. He has forged links with the local Arch charity and a large number of children will see the police in a positive light thanks to his commitment.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

My family would like to thank PC Steven Anckaert and PC Robert-Lea Mountford from the bottom of our hearts for the way they dealt with the situation we found ourselves in last night.

They responded to a call from my granddaughter concerning my grandson who had stormed off following an argument with his girlfriend. My grandson suffers from health problems. He had been missing for four hours and we were growing increasingly concerned about his welfare.  Following a constructive search the officers finally found my grandson safe and well.
My granddaughter cannot praise them enough they were kind, thoughtful and resolved a situation which could have ended in tragedy. Can you please pass on our thanks.

Your time and effort resulted in a speedy resolution

A friend of mine had his vehicle seized in error for no insurance. We went to Tamworth Police Station where we used an internal phone for speediness to speak to someone regarding the problem.
Eventually we were given an email address for Elizabeth Smith who within one hour arranged for the reimbursement of the recovery fees and closed the case. I would like to say a big thank you to Elizabeth for her time and effort in helping us resolve the matter.

We cannot praise you enough for making us feel safe

group of people with pcso blueI just wanted to say a huge thank you to PCSO Jamie Buzzard and PCSO Adrian Price. I don't think the force gets thanked enough so this is a great way to thank them for making me feel safe when I moved to Brewood. 

Over a few weeks there had been disturbances with teenagers outside my house banging on my doors and windows to the extent of breaking a window. This particular evening a group of around fifteen teenagers were causing issues in the street, banging on doors, shouting for us to get out of our houses and causing problems for passing vehicles.
The two PCSOs dealt with this in a professional manner speaking to the teenagers in question then taking the time to listen to what the residents had to say.
I haven't had many dealings with the police in the past but how they dealt with this situation was very professional. I felt reassured that myself and the residents of Brewood, many who are elderly, would now feel safe that  these teenagers were no longer hanging around shouting at people passing by for no reason other than entertainment.
Many residents have commented on the anti-social behaviour and can't praise the two PCSOs enough. I hope they get some kind of recognition for this.

Our community is wiser and safer because of you

PCSO Pete Bradbury has patrolled outside our school gates on a number of occasions. Great to be able to discuss the traffic and parking traumas as it goes on around us. He has also been noting vehicle registration numbers of people using a mobile phone whilst driving to follow up later.
His response to a request for information about shed security has been outstanding - advice, markers and Smart Water details provided within 48 hours. Great communication by text and contact card. Absolute commitment to the job in hand - our village community is wiser and safer for his presence. Thank you.

Well done for all your hard work

I would like to say well done to Staffordshire Police including the call takers for all your hard work. I know it's tough at times and can be even busier this time of the year but you are appreciated.

Before moving house I reported problems with my neighbours. Officers from Burslem responded and dealt with the situation. Thank you.
Your officers have helped me in the past when I was being abused by my stepfather. I moved out and am now getting on with my life. If it wasn't for the support I received I don't know what I would have done.

Thank you so much for all the help you've provided. For those of you who can't spend Christmas with family due to working, keep going we need you. Have a good Christmas.