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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Reporting Domestic Abuse

How to report domestic abuse

If the incident requires immediate attention please contact the police. In an emergency always call 999 (if the incident is ongoing or life is in danger).

If you have been the victim or witness to domestic abuse, or have concerns regarding a victim of domestic abuse there are several ways you can report this to the police.

  • By calling 101. However, if someone is in immediate danger always phone 999. 
  • By visiting a police station enquiry office.
  • Trained staff from partner agencies can take your report and forward it to the police. 

Help us to help you

You can help us to help you by:

Providing as much detail as possible about what has happened to you. Making a note of the time and date and place the incident(s) took place. Providing the names and addresses of anyone who saw/heard the abuse or whom you told about what was happening to you. Keeping anything that may confirm what happened to you e.g. mobile phone video or audio recording, threatening text messages or abusive mail.

What will the police do?

Staffordshire Police is committed to providing a professional, sensitive and consistent approach to victims of domestic abuse. This means:

  • Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of victims, their families and any other person present     
  • Thorough investigation of all incidents, securing all available evidence and taking appropriate action. 
  • Actively pursuing offenders so that they can be held accountable through the criminal justice system
  • Ensuring that appropriate information and advice is provided in relation to the support available from other agencies.

Who else can I contact for support?

There are many agencies set up to offer support to victims and their families experiencing domestic abuse. The following contacts may be useful:

National Domestic Violence Helpline (run in partnership between Women's Aid and Refuge)
0808 2000 247

Women's Aid www.womensaid.org.uk

Refuge www.refuge.org.uk

Men's Advice Line www.mensadviceline.org.uk
0808 801 0327

Galop www.galop.org.uk
The UK's only national LGBT domestic abuse helpline
0800 999 5428