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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101
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Stray Dogs

If you find a stray dog and it has no address tag or telephone number on its collar, please contact your local authority. You can also find information on the local authority websites, including who to contact and what to do out of office hours.

The police no longer have responsibility for stray dogs and only need to be informed if a stray animal is on the public highway. Only contact the police if the dog is dangerous or a banned breed.

Please reduce the chance of your dog becoming lost by following the guidance below:

  • Ensure your dog can be identified with your name and address / telephone number on a collar and tag
  • Make sure your dog is microchipped with the details of ownership  and ensure  this information is up to date
  • Keep your dog under your control when exercising it
  • Check your property to make sure your dog cannot escape. Repair fences and close/lock gates