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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 25 November 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

It took me two years to actually come forward but PC Curtis made my experience so easy

Safe blueI was a victim of domestic abuse. It took me two years to actually come forward but PC Jason Curtis made my experience so easy. He was friendly and helpful and gave me all the information I needed, it made me think why I hadn't done it sooner. Even though it's only been one day I feel safe if my own home and when I go out I don't have to worry.

I would just like to thank him for being very understanding and making the process fast and easy. Keep up the good work.

We are extremely grateful to him

PC Daniel Hughes responded to a traffic accident my wife and I were involved in. He moved our vehicle off the road but allowed us to sit in the car due to rainy weather. Since we were visiting from the United States, he made sure we got our luggage from the rental car then took us to our hotel. He provided us with all the information we needed for the insurance company.

We were very impressed with the professionalism and concern of PC Hughes. He certainly saved our 46th wedding anniversary holiday and we are extremely grateful to him. If he is typical, you have an amazing police force in Staffordshire.

A top job

PC Leon Gilbert and PC Ashley Bennett were on patrol in the Essington area when they came across a Mercedes car parked near a gated area of Old Hampton Lane. Inside the vehicle was a man in his mid-thirties and a youth. The youth told them he was 16 and that he was the nephew of the man he was with.

A plausible story at 5.25pm in the evening. However the officers investigated further and showing some tenacity asked further questions and established that the youth was in fact not the nephew and was only 14 years of age.

It was later established that the man had been using the internet to groom the youth. They had met once before. On that occasion nothing had happened but the youth did explain that the topic of sexual activity between them had been discussed. Thankfully the officers intervened before anything had taken place.

This was clearly the turning point and it may have been very different had they accepted the story as being true. Later enquiries established that the grooming had been going on over the internet for some time and had taken place in the West Midlands.

A top job that saw officers using their instinct and skills to establish the real story and prevent real harm coming to this vulnerable child.

it is important they all know how proud we are of them

Staffordshire Appropriate Adult Volunteers have been providing assistance to detainees in custody since October 2013.

Not only do they support them ensuring they understand what is taking place and their rights are properly respected, they also offer a service which is not provided by any other agency. This enables us to progress investigations in custody providing a better service to victims. It also reduces the risk to us as a force by decreasing the amount of time vulnerable detainees are kept in custody.

The Appropriate Adult Volunteers are dealing with around 100 cases per year, their commitment and work ethic is exceptional. Recently one Appropriate Adult turned out and dealt with four detainees in the same day, spending a total of nine hours in custody.

Feedback from custody regarding the professionalism, friendliness and pride the Appropriate Adults show in supporting vulnerable people and Staffordshire Police by carrying out this role in the way that they do is outstanding.

Our current Appropriate Adults are: Carol Pearson, Ian Scott, Paul Darby, Gerald Peck, Pauline Winch, Gerald D'Arcy, Helen Lee, Justine Burns and Susan Thornley. As they have now been supporting us for more than three years it is important they all know how proud we are of them and the support they provide on a daily basis.

Excellent work by all involved

PC Simon Bridgwater and PC Andrew Gledhill attended a report of a suspected burglary at European Motor Homes, Watling Street, Gailey. There had been a break-in there earlier in the week. They searched the location assisted by a dog and handler and discovered a further suspected break-in at Dobbies Garden Centre nearby.

The officers showed tenacity and determination, deciding to do a further check of the site including any open vans. They heard a noise and discovered a man in one of the caravans who they arrested for burglary. The officers showed excellent perseverance and also recovered tools used in the crime.

PC's Michael Bromley, Samuel Jones and Carl Paton took on the investigation the following day co-ordinated by Sgt Tracey Pointon. As a result he was charged with eight burglary offences. He was also wanted on a recall to prison and is now in custody.

This was an excellent response to a crime series leading to an arrest followed by a quality investigation. Excellent work by all involved.