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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Lost Property

If you have lost an item, we recommend you always retrace your steps and make enquiries in the area(s) it may have been misplaced.

Changes to Lost Property Reporting

Effective from the 1st October, lost property reporting through Staffordshire Police will stop. If you are a member of the public who wishes to report or record lost property, or wish to get a lost property reference number, Staffordshire Police will no longer provide this service. This is a national change affecting all police forces.

Lost Property Advice

Where your item is serial numbered, we recommend that you register at www.immobilise.com free of charge. This will help the police if your property is ever stolen.

You can report any loss at a number of places online for example:

  1. www.lostbox.co.uk - free service
  2. www.immobilise.com - free service
  3. www.reportmyloss.com - allows losers to print a numbered ownership certificate, confirming the details of the loss. They do charge a fee for this service.
  4. Where the item is a pedal cycle, we recommend that you register and report the item lost at: www.bikeregister.com

Details of losses reported via these methods are made available to Police forces across the UK. This ensures the best chance of being reunited with your property. This information is already available to insurance companies and service providers using the NMPR and Bike Register system, which makes any further loss report unnecessary.

If you think you have lost your property in a public place/premises or on public transport, such as

  • Licensed premises (pubs, bard, nightclubs)
  • Private premises (house, hotel, hostel)
  • Business premises (restaurants, shops, supermarkets, offices, entertainment venues)
  • Educational premises (schools, universities, colleges)
  • Public transport (trains, buses, trams)
  • Taxis (including private hire vehicles)
  • Airport

You should make direct contact as they often operate their own lost and found property service and are better placed to deal with your enquiry.

 Click here to report Lost Property

For Insurance Claims

If your insurers ask you to contact us for a reference number, please show them our official Staffordshire Police Lost Property Information Letter [114KB] .

In certain cases lost property should be reported in a specific way.  The property below should be reported as described.

Dogs and other Animals

If you have lost your dog please contact your local authority who will be able to help you. For more information go to our stray dogs section.

For any other lost animal please contact the RSPCA or your local vet.

You can also visit the national pet register to report lost and found animals.

Mobile Phones

If you lose your phone, you should contact your service provider as soon as possible to have your phone blocked. Contact details can be found on your mobile provider's website.

If you have not already done so, you should register your phone to this database by visiting the Immobilise website, as it will increase the likelihood of your phone being returned to you if it is lost and handed in.

Driving Licences

If you lose your driving licence you should contact the DVLA lost or stolen licence replacement to report it.

Bank Card

If you lose your bank or credit card you should contact your bank immediately and report it so that the card can be cancelled.


If you have lost your house keys then in the first instance you should contact a local locksmith or your insurance company who will contact one on your behalf. The locksmith will get you into your house with the minimum of damage and be able to fit new locks to ensure that your property is safe.

If you have lost your car keys you need to contact the manufacturer of your vehicle who will obtain replacement keys. Modern vehicles with immobilisers may require specialist keys with transponders that can only be obtained from the manufacturer.

If you have a spare key to the vehicle you can use this to gain entry to the vehicle and should try to obtain this to get your vehicle home or to a garage. 

Wheelie Bins

If you have lost your wheelie been please contact your local Borough Council.

Certified Firearm

If a certified firearm is lost you must inform police immediately. Contact Firearms Licensing.

Identity Card

Lost identity cards should be reported to the issuing organisation.

Blue Disabled Badges

Misplaced or lost badges should be reported to the local council that issued them.

Passports/other official documents

Any lost documents should be reported to the relevant issuing authority.

To cancel a lost or stolen passport contact www.gov.uk/report-a-lost-or-stolen-passport.

Prescription drugs/medicines

If you have lost any prescription drugs or medicines, contact your GP/medical practitioner. Re-trace your steps and make enquiries in the area where you think you may have lost them.