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Training as a Special

The training programme you will receive from Staffordshire Police will help you gain a level of knowledge in law and procedure that will make you an asset to your chosen policing area.

As a valued member of our team we will support you in your role, ensuring you are able to give of your best while working with the public of Staffordshire.

The training equips you both for your Special Constable role and also provides you with transferable skills and experience you can apply to everyday life.

The training courses are held at the force training facilities in Stafford.

Successful candidates receive 15 training days over eight weekends.

The course aims to:

  • Provide an introduction into the service and the Special Constabulary
  • Familiarise Special Constables with the force and its policies
  • Provide Special Constables with basic knowledge, understanding and skills and explore attitudes and behaviour
  • Prepare Special Constables for accompanied patrol