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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101
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What can Specials do?

Members of our Special Constabulary work in a vast range of situations, roles and locations throughout Staffordshire.​

Specials are being trained in specialist roles in:

  • Wildlife Policing
  • Detective Work
  • Road Policing
  • Public Order
  • Intelligence

These include:

  • Working with the Rural Crime Unit alongside local councils to stop poaching and animal baiting.
  • Patrolling areas when there are professional football matches played at Stoke City, Port Vale, Burton and Tamworth.
  • Assisting the Road Crime Team (RCT) when they carry out specific operations to ensure the public are safe by tackling illegal activities on our roads.
  • Using the anti-social behaviour cars
  • Visiting hotspot areas and dealing with any problems.
  • Patrolling town centres to help keep them safe and reassure revelers.
  • Helping free regular officers transporting prisoners to custody suites.