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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 4 November 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

An enormous credit

I made a complaint suspecting that my cousin had stolen money from my uncle while acting as lasting power of attorney. I was contacted by DC Kenneth Cox who has carried out a very professional investigation, resulting in my cousin receiving a 30 month prison sentence. I would like to pay tribute to DC Cox who is an enormous credit to Staffordshire Police, for keeping me regularly updated with the progress of a lengthy enquiry.

Professional and helpful

Car & DeerI am one of the rangers who work for Staffordshire County Council, based at Marquis Drive and have done so for nearly 29 years. Part of my role entails responding to calls relating to injured deer on Staffordshire's highways. I have attended to and unfortunately had to humanely dispatch hundreds of deer. However, on 31 October, I was presented with a somewhat unique situation. On the side of the road stood a young buck, with a leg broken near to its foot and although he must have been in some discomfort, he was still very mobile and was darting back and forth across the carriageway trying to find a gap in the hedge. The weather was not on our side, it was dark, approximately 7.25pm, becoming foggy and the incident was on the brow of a hill. My concern was that if I attempted to get close to him, he could run into the road and cause a serious vehicular collision. I decided the only option, would be to call upon the assistance of the police to block the road, so that I may attempt to shoot this poor creature. Within a few minutes of my phone call, there were officers on the scene, who saw first-hand the deer darting around and immediately agreed that stopping the traffic was the only option. As we spoke, another couple of marked vehicles arrived to help stop any public involvement.

As I approached the deer, ready to load a shot, he made one last concerted effort and managed to push through the hedge and away across the field, leaving me somewhat embarrassed at having caused such a furore, but to the contrary, the officers assured me that I had taken the correct decision to phone them and they were happy to help, commenting "better this way, than a car accident".

The officers were PC Mark Napier, Sgt Thomas Skingle and PC Christopher Murcott, and we all moved on quickly to get the road open. I would like to thank all involved for their professionalism and helpfulness in what could have been a tragedy. Thank you.

Proud of their work

I would like to thank Julie Fox in the control room for how sympathetic she was and how she took her time with me when I called regarding a dispute with my neighbour. Also PCSOs Suki Mander and Rob Evans for all their help and support as I was still quite shook up when they came to see me and the way they communicated with me, even though I'm disabled they didn't treat me any different from an able bodied person whereas some civilians do. They also gave me a couple of options on how to deal with the incident and didn't pressure me into making a decision that I didn't want to. Suki even offered to check on me in the near future to make sure I'm okay due to my medical condition.

I would like to add that they are a credit to your policing staff and I hope you will be very proud of their work.

Our gratitude is immense

Helping HandPC Martin Banton came to my address in response to a 999 call I made regarding my son, who had entered the home I share with my mother and was abusive and behaving badly. My son suffers with his mental health and can be very intimidating when he is unstable. My 85-year-old mum became very distressed and we asked him to leave. Upon leaving I reported the incident to the police and PC Banton was the responding officer. PC Banton was interested and listened carefully as I relayed the incident. He was calming, respectful and professional. He assured me he would do all he could to get some help for my son. I was very sceptical because no-one else had offered to do this in the previous 18 years of having to request your presence at other historical incidents. However, later in the afternoon PC Banton called me to say that my son had been committed to St. George's in Stafford. The relief I felt was overwhelming, I knew he was in the best place to get the help he so desperately needed. I cannot thank PC Banton enough for his unerring efforts, our gratitude is immense because through his diligence he gave myself and my family peace of mind. I felt compelled to write this and I hope he gets a very well deserved pat on the back for being the great officer he obviously is. Thank you for listening.