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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 28 October 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Your force should be proud

Call taker blueAround 4.15am on Saturday morning my mother, attempting to drive from Newcastle to Bristol found herself lost and disorientated in your jurisdiction.   On calling 101, Timothy Stanley very patiently talked her through locating where she was and very kindly stayed on the line to ensure that she knew how she should proceed to get to her destination. It is very comforting to know that people are there when such circumstances arise. Thank you to all concerned. Your force should be proud of you!

Well informed PCSO on the beat

Actually saw a PCSO walking the beat in Eccleshall today. Smart, polite, courteous and well informed. Patrick Wright is his name. I am a retired officer.

Above and beyond

I had a visit from PCSO Pete Bradbury who, due to a call I'd made to British Gas, which they had misconstrued, resulted in him checking on my welfare. He was marvellous, very reassuring and contacted a number of organisations on my behalf to see if they could assist me, he also went above and beyond the call of duty arranging some food for me.

I can't thank him or praise him enough. He also understood my current situation and showed a large amount of empathy towards me in a gentle, non-judgemental way. Pete should be commended for this.

I have nothing but praise and thanks for him.

A great asset to the team

On Friday 21 October I was driving home from a work meeting when my tyre exploded on the A50. It was just before 5pm in the middle of rush hour and I was forced to stop on the A50 itself near Longton, where there is no hard shoulder.

I was extremely distressed given the danger of the situation. I was in shock when the tyre had gone and some other drivers were passing at high speed so closely to the car that I was really concerned there would be an accident. Some of the drivers were also gesticulating their displeasure at the queue of traffic I had caused which did not help. I was on the phone with my breakdown service who had just informed me they would not be with me for an hour and a half when PC Paul Rooney arrived.
He was on his way to another job and had seen me from the other side of the carriageway. He was absolutely fantastic. He spoke to my breakdown service to try and get them to send somebody as a priority. He then allowed me to sit and wait inside his car where it was safe (and warm!) while we were waiting for them to arrive. His manner was extremely professional while managing to reassure me that the situation was under control. Despite the fact that the incident had delayed him he was extremely patient with me and really tried to put me at ease.
My vehicle was eventually recovered by a police company as mine took too long to arrive, and after learning I lived some distance away he ensured I had a number for a taxi service to get me home. He dropped me off at the police station where it was safe to wait to be collected, and when I was still there as he left for his next call he stopped again to make sure I was safe and the taxi was on its way. He even made sure I knew how to get hold of the staff in the police station in case I had any further problems, given it was now dark and I was alone.

Dog's FaceI appreciate this was not a particularly dramatic event considering what your staff normally have to contend with, however, I really feel that your officer went over and above his duty that evening and should be considered a great asset to your team. If you could pass on my thanks I would be extremely grateful.

PD Jax an admirable force representative

PD Jax should receive an award for his service to Staffordshire Police in promoting the standards and procedures of the dog unit. He represented the force admirably on breakfast TV and in numerous newspapers recently.
Furthermore he apprehended criminals after a 40 minute high speed chase across the county.

Hard work and determination shown by all

Police were contacted by the Salvation Army when they were unable to accommodate a Hungarian woman who had turned up in their Stafford branch at 6pm on Saturday 15 October. She had returned to the UK when her former partner persuaded her to come back, stating he would pay her to work for him and his sister.

She worked from 8am to 2am, cooking and cleaning and was only occasionally given a small amount of bread, but no money. Although the man was not physically violent towards her, she felt very scared when he lost his temper and shouted at her. She left after a few days with no money and no one to turn to.

Officers at Stafford spent a great deal of time contacting different agencies and partners to try and find her a safe place to stay. Staff brought her food and drinks and looked after her during this time. After several days, the Salvation Army managed to find her safe accommodation outside of Staffordshire.

It was great to see the teamwork involved in looking after her. There were clear vulnerabilities which all officers and staff involved identified and acted upon appropriately. A lot of hard work and determination was shown by all - a great job.

Staff Involved - PC Alison Barker, PC Scott Rumsey, PCSO Michael Davies, PCSO Lyndsey Brough, PC Lindsay Holt, PC Anthony Wilkowski, SC Frazer Jones, CSA staff at Stafford enquiry office: Victoria Gledhill and Susan Bohanan.