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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 21 October 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Courteous, Prompt and Efficient

I was contacted at about 1am by neighbours of my mother as her care alarm had gone off. They are the first point of contact because of distance, and had been unable to obtain access to her house. They had tried to telephone my mother, as I also did but on not receiving a reply, I rang 999 and asked for assistance. We set off for Stoke but knew that if my mother's neighbours could not obtain access, we would not be able to either. My husband telephoned again whilst we were en route and my mother's neighbours answered, as the police had already managed to force the door.

By the time we arrived the paramedics were also there. PCs Andrew Barker and Jenny Bentley were also present and had been assisting prior to our arrival.

We would like to thank the officers for their very prompt and efficient assistance. They were extremely courteous, even apologising for the damage to the door, which was not extensive.

My mother is a little bruised and tired from her ordeal - she had fallen and had been on the floor for an hour but we are aware that this could have been worse and are so grateful for their help and their thoughtfulness.


I was involved in a road collision on 13th October, where SC Connor McGinely, who was off-duty at the time, was first on the scene. He saw that I was shaken and couldn't have been more calming and reassuring. He made sure I was okay and then called the on duty police to attend. As my car was blocking the road he navigated the rest of the traffic as it was rush hour, there would have been chaos without his quick thinking and calm attitude. SC McGinely also managed to take everyone's details as the first person involved was rushing off to see their mother in the hospital.

special constable blue PC Paul Anderson and PC Alison Deaville then came and they were all nice and reassuring. They moved my car out of the road as I couldn't face getting back in it and managed to get the traffic moving. The officers stayed with me until my boyfriend attended, which I'm very grateful for. I was in a total state of shock from the incident and these officers were great. They are a total credit to a wonderful police force.

Thank you. 

"I Can't Thank Him Enough"

I had a visit from PCSO Pete Bradbury who, due to a call I'd made to British Gas, which they had misconstrued, resulted in him checking on my welfare. He was marvellous, very reassuring and contacted a number of organisations on my behalf to see if they could assist me, he also went above and beyond the call of duty arranging some food for me.

I can't thank him or praise him enough. He also understood my current situation and showed a large amount of empathy towards me in a gentle, non-judgemental way. Pete should be commended for this.

I have nothing but praise and thanks for him.

Extremely Welcoming

I came to meet Alan Ball and the safeguarding team (Helen Elkin, Elizabeth Arnoll, Gemma Edwards, Sarah Wood, Emma Simpkins, Samantha Cresswell and manager, Helen Bruce) for an insight into your Domestic Violence Protection Notice (DVPN) and Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) processes.

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to come and burden the team for the day. Alan was extremely welcoming, as were all his colleagues, and it was clear that the investment in the team and the joined up approach to vulnerability is making a significant impact on your communities.

It was a real pleasure to witness the true commitment and motivation by the team to achieve better outcomes for victims, built on a foundation of in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Indeed, I attended court with Alan and Helen Elkin for two DVPO cases to be heard. Helen presented the cases and was successful in the orders being granted. The senior magistrate made comment on the excellent presentation of the cases and the bundle of evidence and how easy it was for the magistrates to digest and come to their decision she said "it was a pleasure".

"The Officers Were Instrumental in Saving Her Life"

Following a call from the son of a vulnerable woman, officers attended her home address to carry out a welfare check as she lived alone.

The officers spoke with the lady who appeared to be lonely but safe and looked to be making plans for the future. They left the house and updated her son regarding their visit.

Later the same evening a further call was taken from the lady's son who had received two distressing messages from his mother.

On re-attending the address the swift and decisive actions of the officers were instrumental in saving her life.