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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 7 October 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Keep up the good work

I am writing this letter to say thank you for the way my nephew was handled in the North Staffordshire Custody Centre when he was arrested on the 22nd September 2016.

He suffers from a few learning difficulties including Asperger and often struggles to understand situations. While he was locked up PC Jamie Dale, Custody Sgt Sean Lawlor and the nurse who dealt with him, spoke to him with respect and explained everything to him so he could understand during a very stressful period for him.

Please can you pass on my thank you and please keep up the good work.

A positive role model

Would like to praise the PCSO Thomas Harvey who attended St John's Primary School, Wetley Rocks on 30 September to ticket parents who park dangerously on yellow zig zags. As a resident of Wetley Rocks whose son also attends the primary school his presence was a relief. He was extremely professional and when we thanked him and told him of the constant problems at school time on Mill Lane he was very helpful.  Can you pass on my thanks and praise for being such a positive role model in front of my 10 year old.  Well done Staffs Police.

Professional and focused attitude

The incident refers to travellers who moved onto land that our company has recently bought and is pending development.

police officer talking to adult blueOn the Thursday evening the matter was reported by a vigilant neighbour and the police were prompt to arrive.

Friday morning I was contacted by Sgt David Barrow and met him at the site.

Content that damage had been caused to gain entry, after using his body camera to record me formally requesting them to leave, Sgt Barrow served notice under Sect 61 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, for them to vacate the land.

Having explained to me the policing issues regarding the enforcement it was agreed to allow them to stay until 10am on Saturday 1st Oct.
I again met Sgt Barrow just after 10am on the Saturday, although it took until 1am, the travellers finally left the land and I chained and locked it secure.

I compliment Sgt Barrow for his professional and focused attitude to the incident, he remained calm but firm on his serving the notice and was equally so when he endured the numerous excuses/reasons why it took so long for them to leave.

The actions of Sgt Barrow greatly assisted us as a company to continue our business but more importantly because of the size of that land and the number of travellers who could have moved onto the site he prevented a major disruption to the immediate neighbours. That disruption would no doubt have impacted on the police, with neighbours reporting any/all the travellers' actions.

Obviously our company would have taken costly legal action to remove them however as everyone knows that would have taken time and in that time the neighbours would have had to endure it. 

Unfortunately I have had other dealings with travellers and witnessed the disruption, damage, theft and litter that is caused and the frustration of the local residents which is often then directed in anger at the police for lack of action.

Sgt Barrow took control of the issue, took action and resolved it very promptly, in my books that is definitely a job well done.

Also, thank you to PC Nicholas Bennett, PC Maxine Shropshire and PC Neil Coward who assisted.

Provided an excellent service the public are proud of

I am a serving police officer in the West Midlands. Unfortunately yesterday I had cause to call police after my next door neighbour identified me as an officer and threatened me. Within 10 minutes of making a call to you I was contacted by PC Anthony Glynn who identified himself as the officer dealing. He informed me he was aware of the job, making intelligence checks and also the fact his supervisor, Sgt Andrew Curran was aware. PC Glynn attended my address within 45 minutes. He was very polite, friendly and professional. PC Glynn outlined the possible paths which we could take. I wanted to keep the incident as low key as possible to prevent any further issues. PC Glynn respected my choice however reassured me with in-depth safeguarding advice. He placed a marker on my address, patrols throughout the night and even offered cameras on the house. I was updated after he spoke with the offender and I have no doubt he will keep an eye on the incident over the next few weeks.
Although I'm a fellow officer I don't believe I had any preferential treatment or received a better quality of service than any other member of the public. It was apparent that this level of service comes naturally and is offered on a daily basis.

People are very often quick to complain about the police so I believe it is important to highlight excellent work. Rest assured PC Glynn gave the best level of service in line with the police code of ethics and displayed a common sense approach to policing which is always nice to see.
Thank you for the help, reassurance and providing an excellent service which the public are proud of.

Extremely courteous and professional manner

On the 8 September I reported an incident to PC Cornes that had occurred a short while earlier whilst I lived in Burton. I have extremely limited experience with the police and would like to say that the customer service assistant, Jane Badger, who took my details at the reception desk and then PC Cornes, the officer I was transferred to, dealt with me in an extremely courteous and professional manner. 

Thank you to them both.

I cannot thank you enough

Personal Safety Icon BlueMy experience had been a traumatic one until PC Keith Gordon took the case. He actually seemed interested and he really did want to help. I wasn't just another face that had walked into the station that day.
He did everything he could to make me feel safe again and everything he could to protect me and my son from any future harm. He provided personal alarms for me, had a marker put on my address and took a proactive stance in dealing with the issues presented to him.
He made arrests and got results and he really is the type of officer the police need to showcase.
Since this incident, because of the action PC Gordon took I haven't had any more trouble and both me and my son are safe.
Some recognition for him would only be a small way to repay the super work he has done. I cannot thank him enough.

Superb professionalism and empathy

This incident relates to the "disappearance" of my mother, age 92, on 6 October. The work of all the officers we came into contact with was exemplary. Their professionalism and empathy was superb, together with the use of social media in attempting to find her. I must admit that having been out in the cold for at least one night (maybe two) the chances of her surviving were slim, but survive she did.

By naming two officers in particular Sgt Chris Cole and PC Rachel Jordan, I would not want you to think that this in any way shape or form reduces the work and commitment of all the other officers. Whilst Rachel was with us her empathy, inter personal and social skills were brilliant, she really was a pleasure to be with.

Chris, who attended the following morning kept us informed throughout and even phoned me in the afternoon to see how my mother was doing in hospital.

Once again well done to all the team including the helicopter, search parties and the back room.