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Reporting Cyber Crime

Cyber crime includes crimes such as fraud, theft or grooming that is committed online.

Laptop blueCyber crime also includes crimes against your computer or device such as contaminating or corrupting it with viruses or taking-over your social media profile, email account or your website.

What is illegal offline is illegal online.

To learn more about the different types of Cyber Crime, which one may be affecting you and how to prevent it, click here.

If you are a victim of CYBER BULLYING through social media, we recommend that the first step you take is to report the post/comment etc. to the social media site itself.

To find out more about reporting cyber bullying please follow this link.

If you wish to report a case of cyber crime that is FRAUD you can use Action Fraud

Action Fraud is the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and the central point of contact for information about fraud and financially motivated internet crime. If you have been a victim of fraud, you should contact Action Fraud online by clicking here or call 0300 123 2040.

You can also report potential scam messages or instances of malware, such as a computer virus, where no money has been lost, to Action Fraud. Action Fraud is the central point to report fraud in the UK.

Cyber Bullying

Social media bullying blueStaffordshire Police are taking cyberbullying very seriously, and if you feel you are a victim, we seriously encourage you to report it.

When we receive a report of cyberbullying we have to look at what criminal offences have been committed, in respect of the behaviour carried out by the bully.

The following offences would be most likely;

What can I expect when I report a cyber crime

How your report of cyber crime is dealt with depends on the individual circumstances.

Staffordshire Police will identify if there are lines of investigation related to the crime.

For example, you may know the person responsible for the crime, the crime may be in progress or the offender may be at your property or business.

Staffordshire Police call-handlers will also assess whether you are a vulnerable person.

Staffordshire Police will assess the cyber crime report and determine the response, taking into account the vulnerability of the person and circumstances.

Reporting cyber crime for a business

If you are a business, there is an option on the 101 menu system, which will put you through to a business crime line. This allows the call-handler to identify you as a victim of business crime and determine the right response.

Businesses can also have access to free independent advisors, through Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, who can offer free advice and support to victims of business crime. To find out more about the free support at Business Crime Matters.

How do I report a cyber crime?

Cyber crime can be reported to Staffordshire Police by calling 101. Only call 999 in an emergency, when there is a threat to life or crime in progress.

One of the options you will hear is to report a crime or incident - this will put you straight through to call-handlers in the Staffordshire Police Contact Centre. They will then assess the circumstances of the crime or incident you are reporting and determine the response required.