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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 26th August 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Great professionalism and a fantastic result

Whilst on duty in Stafford, Special Constables Ashley Copper and Frazer Jones acknowledged observations passed for a vehicle linked to drugs, which is a current force priority. Shortly after, they located the vehicle and were able to perform a compliant stop.

special constable blueUpon searching the occupants and the vehicle, drugs were found along with what looked to be a handgun, a butterfly knife and also police incapacitating spray hidden within the vehicle.

The handgun was later identified as an air pistol but the occupants were arrested by the officers for possession of the drugs, possession of an offensive weapon (knife), and possession of a class 5 firearm (incapacitating spray).

The officers showed great professionalism in how they dealt with the incident and achieved a fantastic result, removing weapons and drugs from the streets of Staffordshire. They worked well together to control a situation which could have ended up very differently and deserve to be recognised for their quick actions and hard work.

I think this is a fantastic example of how Special Constables can make a difference alongside their regular colleagues.

Your kindness is appreciated

On 16th August at approximately 5:54pm travelling on Ipstones Bank, I needed to pull over to be sick (due to pregnancy illness, after seeing GP who advised hospital admission) PCs Gavin Knott and Andrew Beresford were passing, they stopped to help and followed me home to make sure I was safe. Their kindness is very much appreciated, thank you.

Quick response to our emergency

I wanted to write to you on behalf of our staff, to thank officers for their very quick response to our emergency at our Family Centre. I am advised the officers dealt with this situation in a very professional and understanding manner. It is very reassuring for our team to know that in very difficult circumstances, when we are responsible for the protection of children and parents, you met our urgent need and the situation was in 'safe hands'. So thank you again for the wonderful service provided to us and please pass our heartfelt thanks on to Sgt Matthew Walker, PC James Rhodes, PC Justin Lavery and PC Miles Dolan.

Highly satisfied

I am very happy with the experience I recently received from Tamworth Police Officer Daniel Champeau 22561. I am really grateful for the support that he has given to myself, my daughter and my family too. Given our situation was of a delicate nature, I felt it was handled efficiently, Digitalwith care and very thorough indeed. I was highly satisfied with the level of communication throughout the investigation and I don't feel it could have been handled any better, so thank you very much!

Great website: friendly, easier to use

Well done on your great website and the up-to-date info as to what is going on at V Fest - my daughter has been camping since Friday and I have used the site to keep up-to-date as to what is going on, and will continue to do so tonight as we travel to pick her up. Lovely, friendly easier to use site - the short videos are great. Well done to those who designed it, update it and for our police and the various agencies looking after our loved one at V Fest!