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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 19th August 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Above and beyond

This is a compliment for PCSO Ashley Tooth in the Huntington area for his continuous hard work in the community. He is not afraid to go above and beyond, he is a positive example of police work in the community, which makes policing more welcomed in today's society. He is kind hearted, friendly and a valuable addition to your team. I would like to recommend him for the Proud of our People award, he definitely deserves it.

One in a million!

Saturday 5th March 2016; out for a quiet meal with friends and get one of the worst phone calls any parent wants; we have your son in custody! Having already had a 'testing' time with him for a few months, he'd given his job up, gone down the wrong track, been reported missing a few times, mixing with 'undesirables' and sofa surfing for months.
police officer talking to adult blueThe fact he's been arrested for arson didn't seem to faze him and he returned to the awful life he'd been living, sofa surfing on dirty filthy sofas with people he didn't even know.  From that first arrest DC Beardmore was on his back, he knew pretty much every move he was making, he was able to tell me he was still alive at least, which is more than I could have wished for and the only communication I had about him. I was at my wits end! DC Beardmore was there whenever I asked for help or advice.
Ten weeks after he'd left home I had the phone call 'mum, come and pick me up' the best call ever.
He came home, still jobless and pretty much clothe less after leaving them at various houses or selling them for drugs. Again DC Beardmore was there, on his back, making sure he wasn't getting in any more trouble.... and reassuring me that he was 100 times better than he was two months ago.
After pretty much giving up, being shouted at, spat at, stolen from, mentally and verbally abused, DC Beardmore managed to convince my son to go and see Jayne at the Princes Trust!! The breakthrough!!
Thank god!! Straight off for a week's residential stay with them, then a week at the centre and then by chance he managed to get a few apprenticeship interviews..... All this because of DC Beardmore.
I was ready to call it a day, give up! I spent my evenings crying and my days worrying!
He pulled off an interview and started work a few weeks ago and touch wood, seems to be enjoying it.
He's got some repercussions from some of his offences and currently working with YOT too, again with pressure from DC Beardmore putting his foot up his backside!

I've got two other children to consider in all of this, the support and advice that I have received from DC Beardmore has been absolutely fantastic!! He knew when I was going to have a melt down and kicked me into touch but most of all he has been there, in the background since day one!! Chasing appointments, making appointments, keeping my son on his toes and just supporting every right or wrong decision!
Needless to say the Princes Trust is a fantastic thing and my son would never have had this opportunity without DC Beardmore mithering and pestering!
One in a million!
He has turned my son's life back on the right path, we're not 'there' yet but certainly on our way!
Cannot thank DC Simon Beardmore enough for turning all our lives round.

Fantastic representatives 

group of adults blueI have worked as a family support worker in Lichfield for 3 years now. One of the main reasons I have been able to achieve the best outcomes for the families I work with is I have the full back up of Lichfield police. Multi-agency working, particularly PC Mark Bestwick and PCSO Samuel Russell. They are both dedicated, thorough and helpful and are fantastic representatives of Staffordshire Police.