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Top Safety Tips for Stalking and Domestic Abuse Victims

Magnifying Glass 3 blueThere are some pages on this website, like this one, that offer information and advice on sensitive subjects that you may not want others to know you have viewed.

All internet browsers and apps have the option to delete and modify your browsing history. This is usually found in the settings or menu areas of your browser/app.

Most internet browsers also give the option to browse the internet privately. For help on how to do this see the Private Browsing page.

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Using a mobile phone

  • Set your mobile so you have to use a PIN to unlock your phone. It should be set to lock after one or two minutes use. Use random numbers - don't use birthdays etc.
  • Don't use apps that tell you where friends are, checks you in etc. If you suspect someone has put a tracking app on your mobile, back-up your data and do a factory reset. Be careful when reinstalling data not to install any software or apps you are unsure about
  • Turn off geo-location services in camera apps and your mobile settings.

Using a computer

  • Use a safe computer. Many victims' computers have had spyware/monitoring software installed. Use a different computer from a friend or library until you can install anti-spyware software on your computer
  • Email - get multiple new email addresses. Make them anonymous; don't use your real name or nickname an ex-partner would recognise
  • Delete all online accounts. The most important thing you can do is delete ALL existing accounts. You don't know which accounts your stalker has access to
  • Passwords - create completely new passwords. Abusers often get access to information because they know or guess a password. Don't use obvious security questions - most ex-partners can guess them
  • Set up several Google alerts with your name, email and phone number so if the abuser posts information about you online you will be alerted
  • Password protect your computer - at work always log off or lock the screen even if you are just stepping away for a few minutes. On a Windows machine you can lock the screen by holding down the Windows key and pressing L

Using social networks

  • Social networks are not secure and your friends can easily leak information that can help an abuser track you down. If possible, delete your Facebook account and don't use it. If you want to continue using Facebook then create a new account with an obscure name, a fake photo and information. Only add your most trusted friends. Most of all, make sure you and your friends have the highest privacy and security settings.

Who to contact for help

The National Stalking Helpline - 0808 802 0300 - www.stalkinghelpline.org
Provides guidance and information to anybody who is currently or has been previously affected by harassment or stalking.

Protection Against Stalking - www.protectionagainststalking.org
Works jointly with relevant agencies to increase awareness of stalking and harassment to ensure victims receive all the protection and help they need to rebuild their lives and live free of fear.

Network for Surviving Stalking - www.scaredofsomeone.org
Aims to provide support to victims, potential victims and others affected by stalking and harassment. Also to raise awareness of the subject and to provide information about stalking and harassment to professionals, relevant agencies and the public.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust- www.suzylamplugh.org
Aims to provide practical support and guidance to reduce people's fear of crime, and to develop skills and strategies to help keep them safe.

Out of sight, out of mind - An investigation into the response to stalking

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