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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 22nd July 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Exceptional communication skills and teamwork

group of people with officer blueI'm writing to you on behalf of my family. My daughter recently got run over by her ex-boyfriend in his van. The level of support she received your police officers was incredible. PC Kimberley Shaw stayed with my daughter in the emergency department at Stoke-on-Trent. The level of support and reassuring manner shown was amazing and as a family we are very grateful for the dedication shown in all officers involved throughout. Exceptional communication skills and teamwork.

I would also like to bring to your attention police officers DC Craig Wagstaff and DC Gary Cliffe who have supported my daughter through a very difficult trial collecting evidence, protecting witnesses and keeping us informed of developments. And to all the other police officers behind the scenes for helping.

I am very grateful for the dedication, support and kindness shown. I wanted to bring this to your attention, you should be very proud of your police officers.

This was a very delicate situation, very emotional and stressful, the calm and reassuring manner shown was outstanding. I cannot relay how very grateful we all are.

A massive thank you to you all.

Dedicated, understanding and helpful

I had to report my wife as a misper. Although the police station was closed and the intercom system is not acceptable I eventually decided to call 999. As a retired police officer I did not take this decision lightly.

I was first seen within minutes by PCSO Elaine Ford who immediately involved Sgt Sally Bebbington. Details were taken and officers despatched.

My wife was found and sectioned under the Mental Health Act.I don't know the names of the two officers who took her to hospital.

Helpful blueMy local PCSO Costas Karpi who was also involved in the search, called at my house fully explained what had happened and took clothing etc. in to my wife.

All staff I spoke with were very understanding and helpful, I can't thank them enough.

With all the cuts the police service are having to endure I am gladdened to know that there are still real dedicated officers around.

An absolute credit, above and beyond

I was found in a very distressed state by PC Joe Skillings, SC Michael Searle and PCSO Costas Karpi. PC Joe Skillings in particular, dealt with me in a very professional manner.

I was particularly impressed by his genuine empathy and kindness, and he went above and beyond the call of duty by re-visiting me later that night to ensure that I was ok.

He is an absolute credit to Staffordshire Police.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to him.

Thank you.