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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

How to Apply for an ASB Community Trigger

In Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent the single point of contact for the Community Trigger is Staffordshire Police. Contact with Staffordshire Police can be made by the following methods;

Telephone 101 - explain that you wish to apply for a Community Trigger - your call will be put through to the control room and an operator will take the details of the complaint on a Community Trigger incident.

By Email or letter to Staffordshire Police or to any member of Staffordshire Police who are on duty.

Email us now by clicking here.

Or write to:

Staffordshire Police Headquarters
PO Box 3167
ST16 9JZ

What Happens Next?

Once the application for a Community Trigger has been reported and recorded on the Police Computer system all of the information provided by you is shared with local partners, including the Local Council and other members of your local Community Safety Partnership or equivalent.

Each Partner agency will review their records for the last 6 months in relation to previous complaints or reports of Anti-Social Behaviour made by you or on your behalf.

At the next Community Safety Partnership or appropriate partnership meeting for your area, all of the relevant bodies will decide whether the threshold is met for an ASB case review to take place. (See flowchart below).

By letter and/or by telephone or in person you will be informed of the following by the partnership;

  • The decision as to whether or not the threshold is met;
  • If met the outcome of the review; and
  • Any recommendations made as an outcome of that review.

Flowchart Community Triggers


Appeals against a decision made by a partnership in respect of 'threshold' or 'recommendations' should be forwarded to that partnership direct. Each authority area will have the ability to raise an independent review of any challenges to its decisions.