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There are certain criteria that need to be met in order for Anti-Social Behaviour cases to be considered for a case review or 'Trigger'.

In Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent you can use a community trigger if;

  • You have reported 3 separate incidents of anti-social behaviour in the past 6 months to the police, council or social landlord
  • The last report was within one month of the day of the application

This threshold is in place to prevent someone reporting historical incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Where a person makes an application for a 'Trigger' (case review) and the number of qualifying complaints has been made, the threshold for a review is met. In any other situation, decision making by partners in your area will take into account the following; the persistence of the anti-social behaviour, the harm or potential harm caused by the anti-social behaviour and the adequacy of the response from agencies.

Behaviour which falls below the level of harassment, alarm or distress, will not normally meet the threshold though when assessed on the grounds of potential harm to the victim, the impact of the behaviour may be such that the threshold will be met.