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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 8th July 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Protecting a vulnerable female

A distressed female on top floor of multi-story car park with self-harm marks to entirety of both arms. The female is hanging off the edge of the car park.

PC Haughton is first on the scene and approaches the female to build up rapport. Within 10 minutes the female is safely off the ledge and detained s136. I was witness to most of this after joining PC Haughton, taking the female water as requested.

As his immediate line manager it was a pleasure to see just how easily PC Haughton spoke to the female and coaxed her back from the edge using his verbal reasoning. PC Haughton is only weeks out of his 10 week tutorship which makes this, in my mind, extra special.

PC Haughton has clearly demonstrated that he has the necessary communication skills to go far in this job. As his direct line manager I am very proud of him today. Other PC's have made a point to comment on PC Haughton's achievement today.

Supporting local residents in Tunstall

I am the chairman of the local Resident's Association and the police team for our area are a vital part of the running of the association.

The team from Tunstall have always given 110% in effort to make things run smoothly. They always listen and respect the neighbour's and association's requests.

You could not wish for a better team and representatives of the law. It's good to feel that your area is in safe hands which is what policing is all about! It's a heartfelt thanks to Jamie, Rachel, Jon and Ant.

PCSO cap blueThe best PCSO ever

I would like to nominate one of our PCSOs, Emma Casey.

Emma is hard working, diligent and extremely responsive to our requests for help.

She works with our Residents Association to enable us to meet our objectives or solve problems we are experiencing.

She in not frightened to use her authority to take people/residents to task who are causing problems to other residents and ensures we are receiving feedback on progress to the problems.

She is the best PCSO we have ever had and a winner if ever I have seen one.

Long may she be with us.

A credit to the Force

Over the years I have worked with the police in my community.  As a community activist chairing meetings I recognise the difficult job they do.

Even though we don't agree at times I am a firm believer in praise.  I would like to recommend Sergeant John Hughes for a proud of our people award. 

John seems to have been around forever and is a credit to the police force.  He is leading on child exploitation in my area along with other partners and is very well thought of.

If John was successful he would feel really humble to know someone had taken the time to recognise the work he does.

Badger (copyright Jon Hawkins)Wildlife officer going above and beyond

PC Jeremy Moore has been my wildlife liaison officer for two years and is never too busy on duty or off to answer his phone and deal with any problem that may arise.

He regularly spends his off duty time turning out to incidents and is truly committed to his wildlife duties. Nothing is too much trouble for him and it is a pleasure to have him as a contact and wildlife officer.