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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 1st July 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Dedicating 12 years to the Special Constabulary

special constable blueTracey Fearn is a special Sgt collar 7997. She has dedicated the last 12 years to the special constabulary. The last two years she has spent many hours working with Burton Albion to ensure that home match days run smoothly without trouble. I think it is testament to her and her team that match after match passes with no incident or issue.

I know that Tracey has sometimes struggled with fitting work and life in with how many hours she dedicates to the specials, she has always put Staffordshire Police before herself. She is very proud of her position, and feels that it is important for females especially to do things like this. I know for a fact she is grateful for the chances she has been given by Staffordshire police. It isn't very often that a simple thank you is said, it would make the world of difference to gain even a small amount of recognition for her.

Thank you

Protecting vulnerable adults

Adult protection officers in Hanley police DC Becky Mulchy and DC Sharon Malloy

Adult protection officers in Hanley police they have done exactly what it says they do they have kept me safe during an ongoing investigation that lasted 2 and a half years. This team are incredibly caring and go that extra mile to make sure they get the right result out of a case for the person they are working for.

30 years' frontline policing service

Body Worn VideoFollowing a busy night shift, just after 5am we were called to reports of a domestic incident at a high risk domestic violence address where both parties are known to assault each other. On arrival PC Hyland used his body worn camera to gain a first account from the male party who was bleeding from arm injuries, and obtained all the necessary information about what had occurred.

He then conducted an area search for the alleged offender, who had called us first reporting this incident, and on locating her dealt in a very professional and caring manner, but established despite her making allegations of an assault also, she had no signs of injury.

Again utilising his BWV in line with force policy, he gained her initial account, then following this arrested her for the more serious allegation of assault from her partner. He showed compassion for the arrested person, who has a disability and is vulnerable herself. As the enquiry progressed the following day, the arrested female was then charged with a Sect 47 assault and a Sect 47 Assault racially aggravated.

The reason for this nomination is PC Hyland has less than 6 months until he retires following 30 years frontline policing service. He is a credit to the Force, and continues to strive to move with the changing face of Policing. His knowledge and assistance on shift will be greatly missed by those fortunate enough to work with him.

Bobbies on the beat

PC 05377 Alison LewisI would like to say that I think Alison Lewis 05377 does a fantastic job, always highly visible out on the street, easily accessible, very approachable, deals with issues in a professional, genuine manner.

 It is very reassuring in this day and age to still be able to see police out and about, doing their job within their community.

Stolen motorhome found

PC Hemmings attended an MCI appointment re the theft of a motorhome. This was purchased with money left to the victim by his family and was of sentimental value as well as being his prize possession.

PC Hemmings made numerous enquiries and liaised with numerous Forces and departments from across the country. This payed dividends as the motorhome was recovered and the offender arrested.

The IP is said to be made up by this. In the current climate of outstanding work I think Craig displayed what is required of ourselves and delivered exactly what the public expect and deserve.

Caring officer on the beat in Hanley

Today I had to travel to Hanley, Stoke on Trent to attend the Samsung store to fix my phone. I arrived quite early as I did not know the area. Within 5 minutes of being in the town centre it must have been clear that I was lost when I was approached by one of your officers in a van. I was greeted by the most pleasant of gentlemen who proceeded to give me directions but also check that I was OK as he was concerned that an elderly person seemed a little confused. I took my phone to the centre and I was informed there would be a couple of hours to wait so I took a seat on a bench in the town.

I cannot tell you how many times this officer appeared whilst I was sat there. It is such a rare thing to see officers out these days unless they are going from one emergency to another but I'm assuming that is not the case in Hanley. I witnessed this officer spending time talking to the homeless (in a none judgemental way may I add), interacting with young children showing them the blue lights on the van which was obviously a hit with them (and some of us older folk) and when I did see him deal with what I assume was a drunken male he did it so low key you would not have known there was an issue.

What really made my day was after I collected my phone and went to return to my car. I am not sure exactly how or why but I had forgotten where I parked. I spent what felt like a lifetime walking around and I was quickly becoming very tired when low and behold who should appear in the police van.....yes you guessed it.

I described where I thought I had left my car and within seconds he had a good idea where it was and like a true gentleman drove me back to the location.

All of the above seems very much like what you would expect from an officer serving the public but during the short journey back to my car I learnt that the officer, who I think said his name was Mike, (Apologies if I miss heard), is actually a Special Constable and does his role voluntary made this whole experience even more fantastic. I want to congratulate and thank you for the level of service that your officers provide which some may take for granted. It not likely that I will be back in Hanley anytime soon but should I need to be I will be safe in the knowledge that your officers make it a great place to visit.