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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 24th June 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

A great role model:

I would like to nominate PC Jake Rabicano. He has and still is my tutor. Jake has made a huge effort to help me get up to speed and show me the correct way to police. Not only does he have a vast amount of knowledge but he polices in such a professional and caring manner. He ensures his victims and suspects are kept up to speed at all times with what is happening, he offers help and support to all. He has shown such enthusiasm towards Staffordshire police and the role of police officer that it has helped me want to become better and deliver the same standard or policing.  I am not sure it a category exists for a tutor award but I would strongly recommend Jake be put forward for it. He represents everything that a Staffordshire police officer should.

Dedication and investment delivering positive results:

I would like to nominate PC Claire Mase and the PCSOs within the policing team that work with our children's home in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The home is a Therapeutic home that deals with young people between 8-18 who predominantly have problematic sexualised behaviours, and therefore the young people placed can pose significant risk to the local community, and have complex needs.

`group of people with officer whiteI took over managing the home in early 2015 and set to work on preparing the home and risk assessing the locality.  It was so encouraging when I made contact with the local Policing Team.

PC Mase came out to meet with me and the staff team and from that initial visit you could see her dedication and investment into the home and the service provided. PC Mase assisted us in a number of areas such as providing us with useful information on the area, risks, and useful local services or amenities.  She took a keen interest in the backgrounds of the young people and took as much information as possible in order to ensure the police could effectively support the home when required. 

PC Mase and the PCSO team built up positive relationships with the young people.  I can recall numerous occasions seeing the young people (who often arrive in placement with a negative view of the police) playing pool and basketball with the residents - laughing and joking.  Equally as important, the PCSOs and PC Mase spent time with the young people helping them to understand the risks and potential consequences of their behaviour and also supporting them to self-manage these behaviours.  

It was really positive and reassuring to know that PC Mase and the PCSOs were working with the young people, but also they built up strong working relationships with the staff team.  The staff were able to contact them for guidance and support and they would always assist where possible - whether that be to calm the young people down after incidents, or visiting late at night to ensure they are safe and well after being missing.  

PC Mase unfortunately left the policing team earlier this year and the young person and staff team were all sad to see her leave.  Since leaving 

She has still offered her assistance and has ensured that we were 'handed over' to the newly assigned PC.

A Credit to the Force:

PC 05343 Michael PercivalI would like to thank Michael Percival for his efforts with the i54 business estate and Moog aircraft. 

Mike has been excellent from a communication point of view and has helped considerably on several incidents. He demonstrates the professional outlook that is ideal in the business environment that Moog deals in.

 He is a credit to the force.

Support following a tragic accident:

PC Jason Hughes was our FLO after the death of my mum following a traffic accident. Some of the things that Jason did for us a family were certainly above and beyond his duties, nothing was too much trouble for him and he was always at the end of a phone for support.

Positive action against anti-social behaviour in Lichfield:

PCSO 08993 Elaine FordFollowing recent contact withInsp Rob Neeson in response to my recent concern regarding anti-social behaviour near my home in Lichfield, I would like to commend you and also PCSO 8993 Elaine Ford for the extremely positive and reassuring response to my concerns. I certainly feel valued and that my complaints have been taken seriously and handled quickly and efficiently. The follow up to my concerns by the both yourself and Elaine have been outstanding.

Taking positive action in Audley:

The Local Policing Unit of the Parish of Audley has been exemplary in the way it has tackled the anti-social behaviour and, the drink and drugs problems we have had in the area.  However, I feel that PC Rob Dolman and PCSO Ian Blythe are the two Officers who I feel have helped to improve the area the most, and who have been the most prominent faces in the area. 

PC Rob Dolman came to our area when we needed him the most, from Talke.  The young people in the area came to respect him.  He integrated with the area.  He was keen to get involved and become the 'bobby on the beat'.  We loved him for it.  We were able to contact him at any time to help with any problem we may have had. His link with me, as local Neighbourhood Watch Ward Co-ordinator, was worthwhile and it worked.  We felt that anti-social behaviour dropped, and that drug and alcohol problems were greatly reduced.  We were very surprised when he left so quickly considering he was doing such a fantastic job.

PCSO Ian Blythe came into the area from Newcastle and was a dream come true, similar to PC Rob Dolman, he gained the respect the community, got involved with events, and meetings.  He made links with me as Neighbourhood Watch Ward Co-ordinator, and we met on a regular basis to keep up to date on the current situation in the area.  PCSO Blythe was well liked and respected.  He was very easy to communicate with and he always put himself out to help.  It was with great sadness that we found out that he was to leave the area.

Support following a burglary:

It relates to a burglary and a great deal of caring about and help given to the person whom her house had broken into. The last contact being a phone call last week.

I am completing this on behalf of the female victim who has no internet facilities or the ability to write a letter.

At some time in past policewoman Emma visited the lady in relation to a burglary. Since then she has shown a great deal of care by phoning, visiting and taking her shopping. Between 6 and 12 months ago, Emma was promoted to sergeant. This new job involved a lot more paperwork than expected, but even so Emma still kept in touch by phone and visited when she could. Right up to the phone call she made last week.

She is so grateful for all that Emma has done for her and is very pleased that she is able to nominate Emma.

Tackling antisocial behaviour in Wombourne:

PCSO 96621 Louise JonesWe received a nomination for PCSO Louise Jones, from a resident in Wombourne:

There have been several incidents of antisocial behaviour in the car park at Mill Lane in Wombourne. Each time we reported these incidents we received phone calls or visits with follow-up action by PCSO Louise Jones. She also took the time to inform us of outcomes when appropriate. She has always been approachable and very conscientious.

PSCO's supporting our communities:

Talking personally I am of the opinion that today's society is too quick to criticise and too slow to praise. For some time I have been minded to write and thank you, on behalf of Anglesey Parish Council, for the service that the Parish receives from the PCSOs in particularly and the Police as a whole.

group of people with pcso blueI have been working as a Parish Clerk for over 20 years now, mostly in my own parish of Tatenhill; only since September 2013 in Anglesey parish. During that time there have been numerous changes to how the service has been delivered, some good, others less so. However, at one of my first meetings with Anglesey I was delighted to see a PCSO walk in, especially when I did a double take and realised it was one that I had worked with for several years in Tatenhill.

These Officers can provide such support to a Parish Council and in return I would like to think Council can assist/support them in some small part with their role. Just by being seen around and about the "visible" policing of being on the street is definitely welcomed by residents. Their regular attendance at Parish Council meetings ensures they again make themselves visible and are available for quick answers to questions that probably don't justify the time required to telephone or email. It is much easier to talk to a face than a voice, especially a familiar face.

More importantly the Anglesey PCSOs are very visible between times in areas where the public go. "Surgeries" have been held at the Community Centre on Queen Street. Residents know that there is a chance of bumping in to an officer there and if not they will leave a message with the centre manager who will pass it on the next time the Officers call by. Council provides me with an office in the Parish (at Anglesey House) on a regular basis. The PCSOs will drop in and keep Council updated on concerns raised by the public. This enable the residents to be reassured that their concerns are being addressed. The feedback I get from the working in the building is positive too.

Working with young people in Barton under Needwood:

PCSO epaulettesPCSO Steve Smith (6441) has experience of working with the young people in a parish built up during his time in Barton under Needwood. Anglesey Parish Council was happy to support the "PRY", Project Regeneration Youth" project based at the Community Centre. In doing this he has brought a network of contacts together for the benefit of the Community Centre, the Youth Group, the Primary school and I know he is passionate about educating the wider audience of adults on road safety under the guise of talking to the children about road hazards. We know he is also keen to improve the area around the Anglesey Recreation Ground.

The one issue that would appear to be common across the whole of the Anglesey Parish is Anti-Social Behaviour, especially with regard to drinking in the street and its consequences. It is reassuring to see the "7 Steps" policy and Council is happy to accept this as a means to reducing the impact of such activity in the Parish. Council continues to lobby for an extension for the No Drinking Order area along Uxbridge Street into Burton Town parish.

It is nice to see the Officers working as a team, turn and turn about when on different shifts, support ng/ mentoring each other when working together. In recent months they have all "made a difference". PCSO Sean Elliott worked really hard on trying to resolve an issue regarding an entry. Sometimes the speed at which Councils work can be frustrating and this experience showed his commitment if not that of the residents to resolving the problem. The regular contact allows Council the opportunity to be more proactive between meetings and offer support and information to the Officers. By working together Council has been able to deliver more for the residents.

To summarise, in Anglesey Parish we like to think we have an excellent working relationships with the PCSOs Steve Smith, Kelly Allen and Sean Elliott (briefly here from Uttoxeter) and Council wanted you to know that we are grateful for their input.