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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 17th June 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Police car blueLife saving actions

I called the Police to report screaming from the other side of a fence near me, next to a canal.

Police attended, and we located the screams, a male had fallen from a tree and was trapped between branches 10ft from the ground. We could not access the person owing to a fence and a shear drop to a river (person trapped over river). Police went to other side of river, a short drive. I offered to come (I am an off duty EMT). We could not access the person from the other side owing to heavy shrubbery and the river. We returned to the original location and found the patient had lost consciousness still trapped. The patient was now in cardiac arrest.

The Police officers helped me over the fence and one officer and a bystander helped get the patient down. This took 3 mins owing to the way he was trapped, the steep bank and torrential rain. Two other offers kicked through the fence to make access for us to get back.  We got the patient down and dragged him up the bank and through the gap. Your officers started chest compressions at my instruction whilst I managed the patient's airway.

I travelled to hospital with the patient, we got a pulse back on-route. Although he was still very poorly and had a poor chance of survival.

The quick thinking of your officers, their help getting him out the tree and up the bank to safety and their CPR were all great examples of Police work at its best.

This was a difficult scene, dangerous, dark and wet. Your offices quick thinking and help meant I could get to the patient as quickly as possible and we could get treatment started. I am sure, without them the patient would have died at the scene. My thanks to them for their hard work, and also their willingness to embrace me and my skills.

Great team work.

Flood whiteCoffee and kindness

My car had stalled in knee deep water covering my lane of the A51. PC Burge quickly and efficiently directed the traffic for 2 hours until the waters had subsided, staying cheerful despite the rainy conditions.

He was so kind to offer his car to keep me warm and dry and his mobile to chase up the recovery van which took about 3 1/2 hours to arrive. He had to attend to other tasks for some time but returned to check on me, which was extremely appreciated as I was without mobile or money and felt just a little bit vulnerable.

The cream on the cake was a cup of coffee he brought back for me, which I am sure is not in his job description and showed real kindness!