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Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 10th June 2016

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire

PCSO cap bluePCSO Maggie Griffiths has done amazing things since she became the officer covering North Lichfield.
PCSO Maggie Griffiths has done amazing things since she became the officer covering North Lichfield. She has really made a difference to the majority of the residents in the area. Everybody knows her and respects her, and that includes many of the people she has had to deal with to correct their bad habits.
Her hard work led to a notorious family being removed from the area, to the great delight of the residents, whose lives had been sorely spoilt caused by their total disregard for living in a normal reasonable way.

We at Curborough Community Centre owe her a deep debt for reducing some of the anti-social behaviour we experienced before she set her markers down. We have been so grateful, that we have created a PCSO room at the centre for them to use for paperwork etc.

Staffordshire Smart Alert wish to nominate the award 'Proud of people scheme' To Patrick Connor
I wish to nominate the award 'Proud of people scheme' To Patrick Connor (Ash) Staffordshire Police
Watch Liaison Officer - Neighbourhood Watch.
I have been a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator of the Great Bridgeford, Staffs area for over 10 years and have had close contact with Ash over this period.
Ash has always been a most helpful and positive police contact, always available for giving sound advice or information over small and more important incidents that have occurred over these years.
This cooperation that Ash has given to us is clearly reflected in the low crime rate experienced in our area.
I trust that this nomination will be seriously considered in your selection process. 

Community whiteOur amazing PCSO
We have major problems with speeding up and down our street. People constantly cutting through the no entry sign at Mega miles an hour putting everyone in danger. We have an amazing PCSO that helped us set up our community Speedwatch team and is a constant support to us. Although resources are very limited he is always there. PCSO Steve Edge has been great.

Also Michelle Shaker and her team are invaluable to us. Again She is always there to support us and answer any questions that we may have. We are very lucky to have these people on board with us, it really makes us think that we can make a difference to make our communities safer as resources are stretched and money limited.

We should let these and others know how valued and appreciated they are!!

Tamworth Police Station Low Angle ExteriorThe Tamworth police helped us so much
The Tamworth Police helped us so much when our daughter left a text saying she couldn't take the pain anymore after going through a very bad time in her marriage and her husband finally leaving her and her 2 boys over the Christmas as soon as we phoned them and gave all the details the police was with us at my daughters house within minutes and had her car being watched for on the cameras.
They kept in touch with us all the way through the search and kept making sure we were ok and if we had heard anything, telling us if they had spotted the car.
Finally she was found and had took an overdose of tablets but lucky enough not enough to do any harm. When we got to where she was found one of the officers was kind enough to take her car back to her house so we could follow the ambulance.
We will never be able to thank them all enough for all the running around they did till she was found.

Female Police HatGreat compassion and support with a missing person enquiry
Alison attended the incident in Bishops Offley which originally started as a missing person enquiry. Alison was professional and compassionate throughout the day's investigation.
Alison kept us informed all day with the Police progress and what they were doing and planning on doing next to find the missing person.
In the afternoon when a body was found, I offered to identify her, (so that her partner didn't have that pain), Alison was so gentle and gave me all the time in the world. She gave me the simple thing in life, a hug. A wonderful human gesture.
Alison stayed on after her shift should have finished and saw the whole incident through from start to finish and even checked in with me later that evening by phone. 
For such a desperately sad incident, as the deceased neighbour, we couldn't have been given a better person to deal with such a tragedy.


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