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Integrated Offender Management Unit & Youth Offending Service

180° is Staffordshire's Integrated Offender Management Scheme. It sees the police, National Probation Service (NPS), the Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) and drug and alcohol treatment services and other partners working in the same office to deal with the most prevalent criminals in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

IOM logoThe Integrated Offender Management (IOM) team are locally based at three established hubs across the county and offer 7 days a week cover. The Youth Offending Services (YOS) work from four council hubs Monday to Friday.

They have responsibility for dealing with statutory and non-statutory offenders who are:

  • Serious acquisitive offenders who pose the highest risk of re-offending and harm.
  • Violent offenders associated with urban street gangs.
  • Offenders subject of Serious Crime Prevention Orders.
  • Youth offenders in relation to the above working with the Youth Offending Service.
  • A domestic violence cohort is just being developed.  

Serious acquisitive crime include offences such as robbery, burglary and car theft. The team are also developing a domestic violence cohort to support the work partner agencies across the county in this important aspect of community safety.

IOM hubs are operating at Longton, Stafford and Tamworth Police Stations, a satellite hub operates from Burton Police Station which also supports the Local Policing Team in respect of violence and drug related crime.

What IOM Do

  • Collate and assess risk based information on around 1000 offenders utilising police intelligence and partnership information.
  • With partners put in place risk management plans to reduce the re-offending of the individuals subject of IOM supervision.
  • Conduct home visits in line with current risk assessment and risk management plans.
  • Build relationships with partner organisations including the third sector to support the community management of offenders.
  • Build relationships and work closely with prisons to manage offenders into and out of custody (on average 30% of cohort are in prison).
  • Maintain strong links with Local Policing Teams so that local resources are used to deal with the most problematic offenders.
  • Liaison with other forces for cross border offenders including those subject of Serious Crime Prevention Orders.
  • Offer assistance to officers investigating crimes involving IOM managed offenders.

IOM Theory

IOM aims to identify an individual's 'pathway' out of crime. Pathways, as shown in the diagram opposite, can range from accommodation issues to problems with mental health. In identifying those issues and putting interventions in place those who present as in 'acute' need can be supported towards independent living.

What YOS Do

Early Intervention & the Youth Offending Service (YOS)

Research shows that early intervention is central to preventing youth crime. The primary aim of the youth justice system is the prevention of offending, Crime and Disorder Act 1998. The most cost-effective way to reduce youth crime is to prevent young people from getting into trouble in the first place. Peventing youth crime is conducive to reducing economic and social costs.

The Youth Offending Teams are committed to working with young people who are at risk of committing crime or anti-social behaviour; to enable them to make a positive contribution to society and reduce the negative impact upon their own lives and the lives of others. Staffordshire Police is committed to support Youth Offending Teams to achieve this.

There are two Youth Offending Services that cover Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, police officers and staff working in YOS report to IOM in terms of police line management and operate from bases at Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle, Stafford and Lichfield.

YOS staff are specialists in dealing with those under 18s who commit crime and are responsible for working closely with offenders, their families and victims to ensure the best outcome possible for all involved. YOS staff are the decision makers for the majority of cases involving young people where an immediate decision cannot be made in the community by the attending officer. The reasons cases are referred to YOS for a decision are based on the complexity of the case and staff will take into account the full circumstances of each case before making a decision.

Victim Liaison Officers working in YOS will be the link between the YOS Team and the victim and ensure their views are taken into consideration in any decision made.