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Further Information on Staffordshire Police Forensics Department

Staffordshire Police Forensics Department

Primary objectives:

To ensure the objective & effective delivery of forensic strategy throughout the investigative and justice process

to deliver these forensics services in a timely, proportionate, reliable and cost efficient manner using the following set of over-arching principles:

  • detecting and reducing priority crime
  • rapid identification & early evidence to support early guilty plea and offender management
  • being visible to our communities; ensuring the service provided is local & efficient
  • developing our team, ensuring competence and ongoing continuous professional development
  • seeking continuous improvement in practice
  • supporting specialist investigations; delivering enhanced services when required
  • preventing quality failures and ensuring evidence is robust and fair
  • delivering early justice and efficiencies
  • ensuring value for money

Service Scope        

Providing investigators and colleagues with:

  • specialist advice to set forensic strategy to maximise evidential opportunities & achieve better value in cases
  • strategies to search for, identify, recover & analyse physical and digital evidence
  • development, classification, comparison and identification of digital evidence, marks, traces & impressions
  • early & effective case management through use of criminal procedure rules
  • expert interpretation of findings and guidance to investigators & other members of the Prosecution team
  • evidential & court reporting
  • photographic and electronic image recording, processing & court presentation
  • good practice guidance, training & development to ensure best evidence is realised in cases

We are also committed to the Staffordshire Forensic Partnership. [192KB]  (SFP)