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Social Media

We are online also on your favourite social media channel, and we have pages and sites dedicated to your area or interest. Check out the latest updates here.

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We have been on social media for a long time, and our engaging and open approach has been recognised and praised by social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, other police forces across the world and the public relations industry. More importantly, our communities tell us how much they value our channels and they turn to Staffordshire Police for trustworthy information when something is happening in their community.

If you comment on any of our Facebook pages please take a moment to read our Facebook Community Code of Conduct, which is designed to ensure the pages are a respectful and safe place to share information and views.

You can share content from our website on your social media by simply clicking the 'share this' button on many of the pages or articles. Also you don't have to join Facebook or Twitter to see what we are talking about. Click below to see the latest updates without leaving this website.