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Supplying Us

This section includes information about Procurement and Tendering procedure.

As a public entity, Staffordshire Police is bound by three main regulatory strands that govern how we procure goods and services. These are: European law, national regulations, and our own Staffordshire Police governance framework.

How to do business with Staffordshire Police
Full Guidance - How to do business with Staffordshire Police [109KB]

Staffordshire Police tender opportunities will be advertised on Bluelight. You can view all opportunities without registering.

You can register for free on Bluelight. Once registered you will be able to view and express interest in tender opportunities from Stafforshire Police, as well as those from other participating authorities.

Current contracts awarded by Staffordshire Police at the conclusion of a tender process, or which have been awarded under an existing framework agreement are available on the Bluelight procurement database.

Procurement Unit
The unit is responsible for:

  • Arranging contracts for goods, services and works through tendering.
  • Using framework agreements and collaborative procurement.
  • Providing procurement and contract advice.
  • The management of contracts and suppliers.

The objectives of the unit are based on four recommendations set out in Staffordshire Police's procurement strategy:

  • To maximise the savings and productivity of procurement.
  • To reduce procurement processing costs.
  • To satisfy our customers.
  • To raise environmental awareness.

Supplier Diversity Audit
Staffordshire Police have a legal duty to promote equality and diversity and are required to have due regard to the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment.

The Procurement Unit helps to ensure that Staffordshire Police are meeting their duties and responsibilities by undertaking the following:

  • Placing an expectation on our suppliers to share and deliver our equality goals.
  • Making sure that equality and diversity are taken into account when procuring goods, works or services from external providers.
  • Monitoring our contracts for compliance by conducting a diversity audit and inviting suppliers to explain how they are meeting their equality and diversity obligations.

Contact information
Email: procurement@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk