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Theft of Registration Plate

Criminals steal number plates regularly. This is because they are now much harder to have manufactured unless you have all the right documentation.

The chances of it happening to you are slim but do increase if you drive a vehicle that is currently popular with criminals and gangs. Number plates can be stolen for use in a variety of crimes, from petrol thefts through to cloning stolen cars for resale.

Whilst the plates themselves are inexpensive, it can cause you a lot of inconvenience. You may need to prove your own innocence in civil parking infringements, congestion charges and speeding offences. You may even become subject to more serious criminal investigations.  

To help reduce the risk, fit number plates using tamper proof screws. Also fit Sold Secure approved plates. These plates are designed to disintegrate if removed. They won't stop the loss of the plate but they will stop its use in criminal activity. See the Secured by Design website for more information.