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Driving Licence

The paper counterpart to the photo card driving license was abolished on 8 June 2015, meaning how you view your license information has changed.

If you have the old style paper license - this is still valid.
You can view your driving licence information to see:

  • what vehicles you can drive
  • how many penalty points you have, if any
  • when your license runs to

Be mindful

  • If you change address you need to inform the DVLA immediately. Not doing so may result in your license being expired without you knowing. This service is free!
  • Check the date of your photo, they only last 10 years and if this runs out you can be fined up to £1000.
  • Check your license status regularly on the DVLA website, we stop people on a regular basis who were not aware their license had been expired/revoked or refused.

EU licence holders can drive in the UK on their current licence until they reach 70 years, however if you're a bus or lorry driver you must register with the DVLA.