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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Untaxed and Uninsured Vehicles

Staffordshire Police can, on behalf of the DVLA, remove untaxed vehicles and deal with uninsured drivers on our roads.

Staffordshire Police can act on behalf of the DVLA where the vehicle when: 

  • UK registered vehicles that have no tax or are SORN.
  • Foreign registered vehicles if the driver is now a UK resident or the vehicle has been in the UK for more than 6 months.

A public website that can be used to check any UK vehicle for current tax or MOT is here.
You can report the vehicle to either your local council if abandoned or via 101.

Uninsured Vehicles Cars Behind Bars

Staffordshire Police actively deal with uninsured drivers.

Staffordshire Police also use the Cars Behind Bars initiative.

Check if your own vehicle is showing as insured on the Askmid or if you have been involved in a road traffic collision you are able to check the other parties insurance on the Askmid.