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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Biddulph Town Policing Team

Photo of Andrew Birchenhall
PC Andrew Birchenhall Collar Number: 04433
Photo of Andrew Bland
SGT Andrew Bland Collar Number: 04893
Photo of Antony Baddeley
SGT Antony Baddeley Collar Number: 05279
Photo of Alexander Gould
SGT Alexander Gould Collar Number: 05329
Photo of Mark Warrilow
PC Mark Warrilow Collar Number: 05348
Photo of Richard Leake
PC Richard Leake Collar Number: 05542
Photo of Elizabeth Greenhalgh
PC Elizabeth Greenhalgh Collar Number: 05598
Photo of Joanne French
PC Joanne French Collar Number: 05612
Photo of Steven Powell
PCSO Steven Powell Collar Number: 08692
Photo of Karen Linton
PCSO Karen Linton Collar Number: 08868
Photo of Peter Johnson
PCSO Peter Johnson Collar Number: 08896
Photo of Joshua Daley
PCSO Joshua Daley Collar Number: 25555
Photo of Rebecca Peake
PCSO Rebecca Peake Collar Number: 25562
Photo of Mohammed Naheem
PC Mohammed Naheem Collar Number: 25890
Photo of Daniel Blood
PC Daniel Blood Collar Number: 26283