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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Newcastle Town Policing Team

Photo of Peter Slinn
SGT Peter Slinn Collar Number: 04019
Photo of Jonathan Gritton
SGT Jonathan Gritton Collar Number: 04381
Photo of Nathan Hough
SGT Nathan Hough Collar Number: 05492
Photo of Darren McGrath
SGT Darren McGrath Collar Number: 05738
Photo of Steven Edge
PCSO Steven Edge Collar Number: 08835
Photo of Patrick Ladley
PCSO Patrick Ladley Collar Number: 16707
Photo of Darren Capewell
PCSO Darren Capewell Collar Number: 16732
Photo of Daniel Peake
PC Daniel Peake Collar Number: 22567
Photo of Todd Young
PC Todd Young Collar Number: 23604
Photo of Christopher Wright
PC Christopher Wright Collar Number: 24615
Photo of Bethan Otter
PC Bethan Otter Collar Number: 26556