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Can I try shooting without holding a certificate?

Only under certain circumstances. Some shotgun clubs, shooting grounds and Registered Firearms Dealers hold "open days" where non-certificate holders can fire club shotguns to test their interest in the sport. The club or dealer must have a Section 11(6) permit, issued by the police.

Approved rifle and muzzle-loading clubs will allow you to shoot club guns providing you are a club member.

There are normally provisions within the club rules which allow non-members to become "guests", sponsored by a club member, and to use club weapons to shoot on a limited number of days.

Another way to shoot shotguns and even rifles without a certificate is when you are accompanied by the landowner or his agent, (e.g. game warden), shooting on his land, using his weapons, within the limitations of the authorities on the certificate, for that weapon.

However, as a non-certificate holder, you cannot borrow another person's gun, if he is not the occupier of the land you intend to shoot on.

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