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Is a certificate needed for an air weapon?

No, as long as the air weapon does not have a self-contained gas cartridge system and it does not cross into other categories of weapon.

As defined under section 1(3)(b) and 57(4) of Firearms Act 1968 (as amended): 

  • If the air weapon, that is to say an air rifle, air gun or air pistol is capable of discharging a missile so that the missile has, on being discharged from the muzzle of the weapon, kinetic energy in excess, in the case of an air pistol, of 6 ft lb or in the case of an air weapon other than an air pistol, of 12ft lb then it is classed as a section 1 firearm and therefore a certificate is required.
  • Note, weapons that use a CO2 bulb system are not affected because CO2 bulbs do not contain a projectile and are therefore not classed as self-contained.
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