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What is a restricted shotgun?

These are pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns where the magazines are capable of holding more than two cartridges from the hands of shotgun certificate holders.

What is a restricted shotgun?

Under Section 1 of The Firearms Amendment Act 1988 they can only be legally held on a firearms certificate.

However, many shotgun certificate holders already possessed such weapons, and consequently either had to dispose of them or have them "restricted".

Restriction is the adaptation of the shotgun magazine allowing it to hold no more than two conventional size cartridges. A third cartridge can still be held in the breech, and this is quite legal.

The adaptation must be done in a manner approved by the Secretary of State and should be carried out by a fully qualified gunsmith. The adaptation is not legal until the shotgun has been proved by one of the two Proof Houses, duly proof marked and a certificate issued by the Proof House.

If you plan to acquire a "pump-action" or "semi-automatic" shotgun on a shotgun certificate, you must ensure that the magazine is incapable of holding more than two cartridges by manufacture or adaptation. In the latter case the shotgun must be so proof marked and accompanied by a certificate from the issuing Proof House. The magazine must also be non removable.

Failure to ensure these points may expose you to being in unlawful possession of Section 1 firearms.

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