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Gemma Ward

Stafford Borough Local Policing Team Commander.

Gemma began her policing career at Stafford as a Response PC in 2006, where she remained until joining CID as a Detective in 2009. Her CID role saw her move from Stafford to Cannock then Stoke-on-Trent, investigating serious and complex crime and gaining a nationally recognised Detective's accreditation.

Gemma was promoted to Sergeant in Response Policing at Hanley Police Station, before taking on the role of Custody Sergeant in the Northern Area Custody Facility in 2013. Since then, she has worked within the force Performance and Standards Unit as a Detective Sergeant - investigating complaints and misconduct and after promotion to Inspector, took on the role of Staff Officer to the Chief Constable at Staffordshire Police Headquarters, developing several national policing portfolios including Digital Forensics.

Chief Inspector Ward said:"It is my privilege to lead local policing services for the communities of Stafford, Stone and the surrounding areas. I am focused on making the Stafford policing area a safe, enjoyable place to live, where individuals, families and businesses can thrive. As Commander, I want to build a richer picture of our varied and vibrant communities - to understand what matters to you and what really makes a difference to how safe you feel, so that we can deliver the best possible service."

Chief Inspector Gemma Ward
Chief Inspector Gemma Ward
Job title
Stafford Borough LPT Commander
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