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Staffordshire Police has a Volunteer Programme to enable members of the local community to actively engage with their local policing teams and support police officers in keeping our communities safe and reassured.

Staffordshire Police currently has:

  • Special Constables
  • Neighbourhood Watch members
  • Citizen's Panel members
  • Independent Advisory Group (IAG) members
  • Speedwatch members.

The volunteer programme allows us to further increase our contact with our local communities and support us in the achievement of our objectives.

Volunteer roles that have been identified by Staffordshire Police include:

  • Police Support Volunteers
  • Independent Custody Visitors (ICV)
  • Crime Prevention Panels
  • Appropriate Adults
  • Cadet Assistants

New roles are constantly being looked at by Staffordshire Police to ensure the programme develops and that volunteers are given more opportunity to utilise and develop their skills whilst undertaking a voluntary role with us.

Benefiting you

Volunteers will build interaction between the police family and our local communities and can help us to create sustainable and evolving links with them.

As a police volunteer you can:

  • give something back to your community
  • share your skills and experience
  • meet people and make new friends

Benefiting the Community

Volunteers can improve interaction between the police family and the local community and can help us to create sustainable and evolving links with them.

Volunteers bring fresh ideas, raise local concerns and can suggest solutions. They can also act as advocates, sharing their experiences of working with the local police service within their own neighbourhoods.

Benefiting Staffordshire Police

Volunteers will benefit Staffordshire Police in many ways. They bring a wide range of experience and skills to the teams they support, and add value to the work of trained staff. Volunteers have a wealth of knowledge and skills that can benefit the wider community.

They can support staff allowing them to concentrate on what they are trained to do, supporting service delivery and the customer service we provide.

It also creates an opportunity for individuals who are not in contact with Staffordshire Police to get involved.

Force Volunteering Manager
Staffordshire Police
Stafford Police Station,
Eastgate Street,
Stafford ST16 2DQ

Telephone: 01785 232221

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