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Staff Associations

Within Staffordshire Police we have a number of staff associations, groups and bodies formed by current and former police officers and staff who dedicate themselves to supporting colleagues and potential colleagues looking to develop within the force.

Staffordshire Police Multi-Cultural Association The MCA subscribes and is affiliated to the aims and objectives of the National Black Police Association, however the present personnel chose to use the MCA name believing this is more inclusive of all of the Staffordshire employees. Membership to the MCA is open to ALL employees of Staffordshire Police in the form of either full or associate membership.

Staffordshire Police Disability and Carers Network The DCN was established to offer support for all of those who work for Staffordshire Police and have a disability or are a working carer. Disability can come at anytime and can be a terrifying prospect. Not knowing who to turn to for support, whether you will be able to continue working or wondering what will happen if people find out about it, can all add to the stress you already feel.

Police Mutual The police service's very own financial services organisation that was set up in 1922. It provides a range of financial products and services exclusively for the police family.

Staffordshire Association for Women in Policing consists of Police Officers and Support Staff of all roles and ranks. The Staffordshire Police female support network was established in 1999 and became Staffordshire Association of Women in Policing (SAWP) in 2007, providing informal support and advice about issues that in the main, but not exclusively, affect female members of staff, such as discrimination, recruitment, retention, specialist roles, uniform, flexible working, and work life balance.

Widows and Benevolent Friendly Society Staffordshire Police is one of the few forces in the country to have its own Benevolent Fund.
The fund was created over 60 years ago to provide assistance and support for members and their families in distressed circumstances as well as to provide a fixed death benefit on the demise of the member.

Staffordshire LGB&T Police Association Our award winning support association not only provides a social network for staff who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans but supports the force in delivering the best possible service to our LGB&T communities in Staffordshire.

Staffordshire Police Force Fitness Facilities Contacts details for enquiries about fitness facilities available in Staffordshire Police.

Chaplaincy Team Contacts details for enquiries about Chaplaincy facilities available in Staffordshire Police.