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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101
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Forensics - What We Attend

There are many stages of a police investigation into a crime.

Training shoe sole print showing foot shapeInvestigation

Below outlines a brief summary of the investigation process:

  • Depending on what type of incident you have reported, Staffordshire Police will carry out a range of inquiries to gather evidence.
  • This may include forensic officers attending to gather forensic evidence (fingerprints and photographs).
  • Officers may also carry out house to house enquiries and try to locate closed circuit television (CCTV) footage for examination.
  • From these inquiries evidence may be obtained which could identify the persons responsible for the crime.
  • Crimes that are of a most serious nature will be allocated to a specialised investigations department.
  • Gathering of evidence can take a while so please do not be concerned if it takes a few months for someone to be in contact.

Telephone Investigation:

  • Sometimes further investigations may be carried out over the phone to determine whether it is necessary for an officer to attend.
  • If after consideration of the facts, it is decided that the incident can be resolved over the telephone, you will be given a crime reference number for insurance purposes.
  • With your crime reported, even if we do not attend, the police monitor time patterns and trends from the information you have provided.

Police Sergeant John Rainsbury 04717 at Cannock Station DeskOnce We Have Left the Scene

When the police leave the scene of a crime, investigations continue and they will do all they can to investigate your reported crime, this may mean carrying out further forensic tests, speaking to witnesses to take further statements and viewing CCTV evidence. Only when all lines of enquiry have been exhausted will the police close the file and explain to you the reason why.

We continue to look at crime trends and patterns to target offenders and if any further information comes to light we will investigate these lines of enquiry, even if it is months or years later.

No Further Action or Enquiries

When you report a crime a specially trained call taker will ask you questions, assess your call and put the details onto the police computer. If after a consideration it is believed that nothing further can be done in relation to the police investigating your report, you will be informed as soon as possible.

Under the Codes of Practice for Victims of Crime, police must tell you if there won't be any investigation within five days of reporting the crime.