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Antiques Property Marking and Registration

Before you mark any piece of art or an antique, seek the advice of a conservationist as some marking methods can cause damage.

Less specialised items can be registered for free at Immobilise


For occasional jewellery, sentimental items, even photographs and documents, a safe can prevent a great deal of distress and heartache if your house is broken into.

Whilst no safe is totally secure, the heavier the safe, the less likely it is to be removed or broken into.

  • Floor mounted safes have smaller capacities but can be useful for storing documents provided that they are well hidden.
  • Avoid using small safes with digital locks.
  • Seek the advice and use the services of a member of the Master Locksmiths Association when choosing a safe; visit Find A Locksmith.

A valuable object does not have to be one of financial worth, so record items which have sentimental value to you as well.