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Fuel Theft

To help in the prevention of fuel theft you should consider the below. Every accessible vehicle becomes a potential target for fuel theft.

Petrol Station blueParking:

  • Park in a highly visible, well lit area.
  • Off-road parking areas such as secure compounds should be used whenever possible.

Effective security lighting:

  • Good dusk to dawn security lighting makes your vehicles visible to passers by without creating glare.
  • Consider additional movement sensor lighting which would alert a passer by to an intruder.

Security Fencing

Good quality strong perimeter fencing will deter the occasional/opportunistic thief and it should slow down the more organized thieves so that your other security measures such as monitored CCTV can respond.


The fixing of signs highlights the security measures you have put in place and helps deter thieves. They can also remove a potential thief's excuses for being in a particular area or carrying out a specific action. Some examples:

  • Private property keep out.
  • Warning CCTV in operation.
  • Security patrols in operation.
  • Cat converters and property security marked.
  • All vehicles have security devices.
  • All vehicles are left with minimum fuel.

Locking Fuel Caps and Anti Siphoning Deterrents

There are many products available, such as: locking fuel caps and anti siphoning deterrents that can make the fuel tanks on your vehicle less vulnerable.