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Making Off Without Payment

Bilking is often used to describe a customer 'making off without paying' for goods or a service. Bilking can be committed against restaurants, service stations, taxi drivers/companies or in a number of other situations.

If a customer makes off without paying you should report it to the police, giving as much of the following information as possible:

  • A detailed description of the person/people involved.
  • A detailed description of any vehicle involved, including: make and model, colour and registration number.
  • Their direction of travel.
  • The monetary value of the goods or service.
  • Whether the person/people involved made any attempt to pay.

If there is a dispute over service or cost where the customer won't pay, but leaves their details after you accept their offer to do so, then this is a non police matter. However if a person leaves false details with the intention of not paying they may have committed a criminal offence.