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Motorbike Security

Mopeds and motorbikes can easily be targeted by thieves if they are not secured properly. High powered bikes are frequently sold on- often to order. Low powered bikes are often taken by "joyriders" and are then abandoned when they run out of fuel.

Stand alone police motorcycleHere are some simple tips to help protect your motorbike:

  • Forensically mark the main parts of your motorbike and increase your chances of getting it back if lost or stolen.
  • Have the main parts of your bike marked with the vehicle identification number (VIN), and register it for free at the Immobilise website.
  • Always use security devices such as immobiliser's, disc locks, strong chains and padlocks.
  • To prevent the bike being lifted onto another vehicle undetected, use motion sensors to help alert anyone in the area to suspicious activity.
  • If you have a secure garage or outhouse, store your bike in it.
  • If selling your bike online, try and get full contact details from the buyer, and make a note of their vehicle registration. Thieves have been known to pose as legitimate buyers, returning later to steal a bike once they know where and how it is stored!
  • If buying motorbikes or bike parts online, always buy from a trusted seller with a good track history.